You can't see
The change taking place inside of me
The power that's flooding through my veins
The light that illuminates my heart
The peace within my mind
And the newfound strength of spirit and will
That resides within me
You're blind to my powers

You can't see the reverence to nature that transformed my life
The newfound knowledge of the divine that changed my world
You can't see the power the elements hold
Or their governance on our lives
You can't see the patterns of sun and moon
Or the passage of power from season to season
You're blind to the powers of nature

You can't see the symbolism of the broom and the cauldron
They're instruments of evil in your eyes
You can't see that Samhain is the new-year festival
And not a celebration of dark powers
You can't see the joys of a Beltane fire or the Yule log's flame
Or the promise of spring that arrives with Imbolc
You're blind to the old ways.

You can't see that for centuries we lay in the dark
And now once more seek the light
You can't see that true faith never dies
And survives from lifetime to lifetime, throughout the ages
Until given the chance to shine
You can't see that there needn't be a gulf between our religions
You're blind to the possibilities

You can't see the prejudice that forms from the belief
That we're 'Devil Worshipers', the instruments of some evil power
You can't see past the lies to the underlying fact
That we love all and harm none
That our philosophy is peace and harmony
You can't see that we treat life with reverence and respect
You're blind to the truth.

You can't see that once we were burned at the stake
For daring to be different and stand by our beliefs
You can't see the pain or how much we suffered
Because they refused to understand
Because they refused to accept our beliefs
You're blind to our suffering.

You're too blind to see how we could grow together
All religions, side by side, living in peace
You're too blind to see the diversity of faith
All around you, you're blinkered by the lies and the legends
That cast us in such bad light
You're blind to their deception

The past may be dark but the future is bright
If we can cast aside the manacles of depression
And the chains of prejudice
If we can learn to live and let live
To accept and to learn
To allow spirits to grow

We can leave the past behind
Just open your eyes