Turn your gaze inward and look beyond what you see
It's your blindness that causes the problems for me
Look past the stories, look past the lies
Dare to find out with your own eyes
Wicca's a path of wisdom and learning
Allow us to shine, set the Great Wheel turning
Accept our religion and soon you will find
That Wicca builds the spirit and enriches the mind
Each symbol and sigil, each letter and line
Lays down the picture and the Great Path divine
Wand, pentacle and chalice, all fall into place
The Great Shining Moon brings the Lady's sweet grace
And her bright counterpart, the Lord of the Sun
Has blessed us with light since the world was begun
Each rock and tree and each animal would speak
Of the magick and mystery that Their followers seek.
Please lift up those lashes, don't judge till you see
Look past the legends, look closer . see ME