You are a spider waiting to tamed,
And I'm caught in the midst of your web.
I'm hanging by a thread of hope,
But I'm sooner to being dead.

Although the beauty of it all,
Shimmers in the morning light,
Your kisses are of poison death,
Yet you shant receive a fight.

You may think that you intimidate me,
But I know how you really feel,
Our friendship showed me the truth,
But, my life don't try to steal.

Within your web of deceit,
I'm left to break through,
Why must you cause such a fight?
When you know I do love you.

Just restrain your instincts you know the truth,
You know that you love me,
Your spider web of deceitfulness,
Has finally let me free.

By Siobhan
Date: 17/March/2004