Ring Warriors:


2003: In todays society, with war, crime and corruption, the world is in turmoil. The call for heroes is now stronger then ever, deep in a forest an old man is making sure this call is heard.

"Done!" said the old man, as he stands up with a ring in his hand. He walks over to a table, and sets the ring down beside three others he has on the table. "Now," says the old man to himself "all I have to do is find the right people for them!"


As the bell rings outside C. Whitman High, it signifies the end of school. The first people out the doors, are four 16 year old girls, all of them friends.

"What the hell is that? Assigning homework on Friday?" said Dianna

"I know," said Tika "that's bullshit!"

"Screw it," said Arianna "We're not gonna do it anyway."

"Yeah you're right," said Tenima "I..." Tenima was stopped midsentence by the sight of Jicaro walking past the girls

"Hi" said Jicaro, as he flashed a smile, his pearly whites showing. The girls watched as Jicaro got into a car with some of his friends and drive away.

"He's so hot!" said Tika

"Yeah!" said all the girls simultaneously.

Jicaro was 18, he was one of those guys that every girl thought was hot. It was not hard to see why with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and athletic build.

"So," said Dianna "what are we gonna do?"

"The mall?" suggested Tika

"Whatever!" said Dianna.


"Jesus!" said Arianna, as the girls walked out of the mall, shopping bags in hand. "I wanted to buy a ring, but some of those places want too damn much for them."

"Perhaps I can help." said an old man standing behind a wooden box.

"What do you mean?" asked Dianna

"Well," said the old man "it just so happens I have some rings on me now."

"That's great and everything," said Arianna "but I doubt you'll have one I want."

"Why's that?" asked the old man

"Well," said Arianna "I'm looking for one with my birthstone. I was born in April, so my birthstone is diamond."

"Like this?" said the old man, as he pulled out one of the rings, and set it on the box. Arianna picked it up and examined it.

"It's beautiful!" said Arainna "How much?"

"No charge!" said the old man "I also have other rings, if your friends are interested." The man proceeded to place three other rings on the box. The girls each picked up a ring, which had their birthstone. Being born in February, Dianna took the one with Amethyst. Tika took the Emerald for May, and Tenima took the Ruby for July. The girls proceeded to put the rings on, and showed them off to each other. As they turned their attention back to where the old man was standing, they found he was gone.

"Ok...that was strange!" said Dianna

"So," said Tenima "I gotta get going, so I'll see you later at the party?"

"I don't know if I'm gonna go." said Arianna

"C'mon," said Dianna "Jicaro's gonna be there!" The girls watched as a smile came across Ariannas face, and she began to blush.

"Ho ho," said Dianna "thought so!"


Having just had a shower, Arianna walked over and sat down in front of the mirror in her room. As she began brushing her hair, she looked at the ring and noticed some engravings.

"Diamond...power" said Arianna, as she read the words on the ring. Arianna shrugged her shoulders, placed the ring on her finger, and went back to brushing her hair. "Diamond power" said Arianna. All of a sudden, Arianna noticed a glow coming from the jewel in her ring. Unsure what to do, she watched as a silvery light began to encircle her body. She watched as this light stripped the towel off of her, and placed leotards, a silver coloured miniskirt, and high

heeled boots on her. "What the fuck?!" Arianna said to herself. All of a sudden, she heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" yelled Arianna, as she headed towards the front door. She knew it was the girls because she told them to come to the house, so they could go to the party together.

The girls walked in to see Arianna in a Sailor Scout looking costume.

"Honey," said Dianna "I hate to tell you this, but it isn't a costume party."

"I know that!" said Arianna "I didn't put it on."

"Then who did?" asked Tika

"The ring!" said Arianna, holding up her hand and pointing at the ring.

"The...ring?" said a confused Tenima. "Explain!"

"Well," said Arianna "I was brushing my hair, I looked at the ring, and noticed some writing on it. I said the words and nothing happened, so I put the ring on. When I said the words again, a silvery light stripped the towel off me, and put this on."

"What was written on the ring?" asked Dianna

"Diamond Power" said Arianna. All of a sudden, the silvery light returned and stripped the costume off her, leaving her standing naked in front of her friends. "Now what the hell's this?" said Arianna.

"Perhaps I can explain." said the old man, as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Get the fuck out of here, you old pervert!" yelled Arianna, as she grabbed her housecoat and quickly wrapped it around herself.

"Please," said the old man "let me explain."

"You got five minutes!" saind Arianna.

The old man began to explain about how he's noticed the state the world is in. He told them about how he created the rings, hoping that whoever wore them, would use the power to fight the evils in this world. He also told them that the engravings on the outside of the ring would transform them, and the writing inside the ring would change them back.

"You gotta be kidding me!" said Tenima

"This is no joke" said the old man "I have chosen you four to do this task."

"Well can't fight any evil tonight," said Tika "we're off to a party!" Having been led out of the house by the girls, he watched as they walked down the street heading for the party.

"When the time comes," the old man says to himself "they'll come around!"


"Christ," said Dianna "just go talk to him already!"

The girls had been at the house party for a few hours now. While the rest of them were dancing, talking, drinking, etc. Arianna found herself staring at Jicaro the whole time.

"What if he doesn't like me?" asked Arianna.

"He says hi to you at school, when he walks past us I see him look back." said Dianna

"He's probably checking you out."

"I've seen him," said Dianna "it's not my ass he checks out." There was silence between Dianna and Arianna, as neither of them said anything. All of a sudden, they could hear "In The Club" by 50 Cent.

"Make a decision," said Dianna "go and talk to him, or come have some fun." Arianna watched as Dianna danced away, blending herself with the crowd. Ariannas sight went back to Jicaro, after scanning the room to see what everyone else was doing. She watched as a group of three people opened a Ziploc bag, and each pulled out a black pill. She watched them pop the pills, and a few minutes later they looked stoned. Eventually her eyes went back to focusing on Jicaro.


It was the wee hours of the morning, as people began piling out and heading home. The four girls began walking down the sidewalk together. All of a sudden, they heard a scream coming from the nearby park. As they ran over, they saw two teen girls, clothes torn, confronted by four teens with switchblades. As Arianna got a better look, she noticed three of the guys were the pill poppers from the party.

"What should we do?" asked Tika

"We have to call the police or something!" said Tenima, her voice sounding panicked.

"I have an idea!" said Dianna.

"What?" asked the girls simultaneously.

Dianna held up her hand with the ring on it. "Let's see if the old man was bullshitting us!" Dianna held out her hand. "Amethyst power!" a purple light came out of the ring, and began encircling Dianna diagonally. While it spun, it began removing her clothes, and giving her a costume similar to Ariannas, except the skirt and boots were purple.

"What the hell!" said Tenima "Ruby Power!" The red light hit the ground, then began climbing up Tenimas body, covering her in a red light. When the light was gone, she was in costume.

"Emerald Power!" said Tika. A green light formed a circle on the ground around Tika. The circle began to lift, revealing the costume as it moved upwards.

"Please!" pleaded one of the girls "Let us go!"

"There's no fucking way we're letting you go!" said one of the guys.

"ASSHOLE!" yelled one of the girls, as she ran at one of the guys.

"Nice try bitch" said one of the guys, as he hit her over the head, knocking her to the ground. He knelt in front of the girl, and began cutting open her shirt with the switchblade.

"Don't think so!" came the voice of Dianna behind the guy.

"And who's gonna stop me?" asked the guy, as he turned his head to meet Diannas fist.

"Me!" said Dianna, as she got into a fighting position.

"Holy shit!" said one of the other guys "It's like something out of that animated moon chick show." He then tried to run, only to meet a flying kick to the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.

"Wow!" said Arianna "How the hell did I do that?"

"The rings must give us some extra strength" said Tenima, as she punched out another of the guys. The rest of the girls met up together, and watched as Tika knocked out the final guy. They walked over to the girls, to make sure they were okay. After making sure they were okay, they told the girls to report to the police. As they watched the girls head in the direction of the police station, Arianna noticed a Ziploc bag on the ground. As she picked up the bag, she saw that it was full of little black pills. As she looked closer, she read the word NOKTURNAL on the pills.

"What ya got there?" asked Tika.

"Nokturnal" said Arianna


The next morning Arianna woke up, went into the living room and turned on the tv.

"This is the scene of an attempted rape." said a reporter, standing in the park were the girls were last night. "The four girls, who were attacked at knifepoint said they were saved by four girls in costumes, similar to the popular Japanese animated show Sailor Moon. The girls are

currently undergoing therapy and being tested, after police reported finding the drug Nokturnal at the scene." As Arianna shut off the tv, her phone rang.

"Hello?" said Arianna

"Hey," came the voice of Tenima through the receiver. "Did you see what was on tv?"

"Yeah," said Arianna "they think those girls seeing us was just from the trauma of the incident."

"Well," said Tenima "for supposed figures, we sure kicked some ass."

"Yeah!" laughed Arianna.

"So," said Tenima "we meeting the usual place?"


"Okay, see ya there!"

"Bye" said Arianna as she hung up the phone, and got ready to go out.

"So they don't believe the girls about us?" asked Tika

"Nope!" said Dianna

"Well there's gotta be some way." said Tika "We could be using our powers for profit!"

"Ya know" said Dianna "for a blonde, that's actually an intelligent idea!" As Dianna and Tika continued talking, sitting in the mall food court, they saw Tenima and Arianna coming towards them.

"Well," said Tenima "that's the legal system for ya!"

"Hello to you, too." said Dianna "what's up?"

"We went by the electronics place on the way here." said Arianna "On the news, they said a couple of the guys were released on bail."

"Well," said Dianna "that just goes to prove..." Dianna stopped, as Jonica walked up to their table.

"Hey guys!" said Jonica cheerfully. Jonica went to C. Whitman with the girls, she was one of those girls that was so cheerful and sweet, it would give you a toothache. "So," said Jonica, as she sat down. "What were you all talking about?"

"That attempted rape incident last night," said Tenima "couple of the guys are out."

"Eww," said Jonica "I don't wanna hear about icky people like that. Oh! Have you seen the new Justin Timberlake video, he looks SO hot!"

"That's great!" said Dianna "Is there a reason you're here?"

"Bitch!" Jonica said under her breath. "Yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys that I have a date tonight, you'll never guess who with!"

"Eddie?" said Tika

"Carlo?" said Tenima

"Eww, no!" said Jonica, as the look of disgust on her face turned into a big smile. "Jicaro!"

"Wow," said Arianna, putting on a fake smile "that's...great!"

"I know!" said Jonica, as she began giggling. "Well, I gotta go, gotta buy something to wear tonight. See ya!" Jonica waved at the girls, as she walked away heading towards a clothing store.

"That bitch!" said Dianna, as she looked over at Arianna "I'm sure she knew about your crush on Jicaro."

"Want me to take care of her?" asked Tenima

"No," said Arianna, sounding upset. "Let her go, I'm sure her and Jicaro will be happy together."

"Ah, fuck her!" said Tenima "I'm sure Jicaro will find out what a bitch she is, dump her ass, then he's all yours!"

"Thanks," said Arianna, a smile on her face "I needed that."


"Christ, where the fuck am I gonna get the money?" said a teen in the alley. The teen waiting in the alley, was one of the teens that were released from prison. As he stood in the alley, he tried to think of a way he could get money to buy some more Nokturnal. All of a sudden, he heard the sounds of a guy and a girl walking down the street.

"Did you like the movie?" Jicaro asked Jonica, as they walked down the street.

"It was pretty scary," said Jonica, her arm wrapped around Jicaros. "I'm glad though I has someone to hold onto." Jonica looked Jicaro right in the eyes, and began moving her lips towards towards his. All of a sudden, the teen ran out of the alley, grabbed Jonicas purse, and ran

back into the alley.

"GET BACK HERE ASSHOLE!" yelled Jicaro, as he chased the teen into the alley. Jonica followed behind Jicaro, as he chased after the teen. Due to Jicaros speed, Jonica found she couldn't catch up, and lost track of where Jicaro was. As she stopped to rest, she felt someone grab her and hold a knife to her throat.

"What the fuck is this?" said the teen angrily, throwing Jonicas purse to the ground. "There was only five fucking dollars in there."

"I...I was on a date," said a frightened Jonica "he..he paid for everything." After a moment of silence, Jonica screamed, causing Jicaro to run back down the alley. He stopped right in front of Jonica and her assailant.

"Hey there prettyboy," said the assailant. "Don't even think of doing anything funny, or I'll cut your girlfriends pretty neck open!"

"Please," said Jicaro "don't hurt her, just tell me what you want!"

"Your wallet," said the teen "throw it this way!"

"Okay..okay, just don't her" said Jicaro, as he took out his wallet, and threw it over to the teen. Still holding on to Jonica, the teen bent over and picked up the wallet. He opened it, took out the money, and threw the wallet to the ground.

"Thanks!" said the teen.

"So, are you gonna let her go?" asked Jicaro, sounding concerned.

"Nah, don't think so!" said the teen, as he sliced the blade across Jonicas neck.

"BASTARD!" yelled Jicaro, as he ran towards the assailant. The assailant ran towards Jicaro, brought his knee up to Jicaros stomach, and stabbed the blade into his side.

"Now," said the teen "just gotta get this money to Sarian, and I'll be able to get some more Nokturnal." The teen then proceeded to walk out of the alley.


Sitting at home, Arianna was sitting on the couch, flipping through the shows on tv. She stopped on a news station, where she saw a reporter standing in the downtown area.

"Recapping the hours top story," said the reporter. "Police are looking for a suspect responsible for killing one person, and putting another in hospital."

"Oh my god!" said Arianna "I wonder if it's anyone we know."

"Police," continued the reporter "have told us that the injured who's name is Jicaro, told police that the suspect who is said to be a teen, demanded his money, then slit the throat of the Jonica, the girl he was on a date with."

"He...he hurt Jicaro?!" said Arianna. She looked over at the table where the ring sat, picked the ring up, and began walking towards the door.

"The suspect was last seen heading down F. Miller Road." said the reporter.

"Oh thank you god!" said the teen, as he held a bag full of Nokturnal. He proceeded to pop a pill, as he walked down the street. "Can't believe the money that guy had in his wallet," the teen said to himself "got me a lot of this shit!" All of a sudden, the teen began to hear footsteps, this caused him to pull out his switchblade. "Who's there?" demanded the teen "Show yourself, cause if I have to look for ya, there's gonna be more trouble!"

As the teen turned around, he was met with a fist, that knocked him against a brick wall. He looked up to see Arianna in full costume, an angry look on her face.

"Shit!" said the teen "Not you again!"

"You?!" said Arianna "I should have expected."

"It's just you and me bitch." said the teen, as he stuck out his switchblade. "Don't got the hooker patrol to back you up this time."

"Don't need them this time," said Arianna "this is personal!"

"Oh, you must have been friends with that cheap chick, who's neck I sliced up real good." said the teen, a smile on his face.

"No, I'm talking about the guy she was with!"

"Oh, the pretty boy! Yeah, I was gonna kill him, but I was in a hurry."

"To get these?" said Arianna, as she grabbed the bag of Nokturnal.

"Give those back!" demanded the teen. Arianna opened the bag and turned it upside down, causing the pills to spill all over the ground.

"You stupid cunt!" said the teen angrily, running towards Arianna, switchblade in hand.

Acting quickly, Arianna kicked the teens hand, causing him to drop the switchblade. She then proceeded to kick him in the face, knocking him to the ground. The teen got up, ran towards her, and tackled her to the ground. Arianna brought her legs back, then proceeded to kick the teen in

the stomach, knocking him against the wall. Arianna picked up the switchblade, walked over to the teen, and held it in front of his face.

"All this drug shit has to stop," said Arianna "who are you getting the Nokturnal from?"

"Fuck you!" said the teen, as he proceeded to spit in Ariannas face. Arianna stabbed the switchblade down, about half an inch from the teens crotch.

"Now," said Arianna an evil grin on her face. "Are you gonna tell me where you get the Nokturnal?"

"So where are we going exactly?" asked Tika, as the girls followed behind Arianna.

"From what Arianna told us," said Dianna "we're going to see the guy that makes and sells Nokturnal."


"And," said Tenima "we'll probably use the rings to change, and kick this guys ass, right Arianna?" Tenima looked over at Arianna for a response, but didn't get one. "I'll take that as a yes" said Tenima.

After some walking, the girls found themselves in front of a large, expensive looking house.

"Must be the place!" said Tenima.

"So," asked Tika "what do we do now?"

"Time to transform!" said Arianna, a serious look on her face.

After the girls had transformed, they headed through the front doors of the house. Inside they were met by two heavy set guys, holding handguns.

"What the fuck's this?" asked the first guy.

"Must be the hookers, but they ain't due till later tonight. Besides, these girls look kinda young, don't think Sarian wants any R.Kelly shit on his hands." said the second guy. As he looked back at the girls, he was met with a fist to the face. As he fell to the ground, the first guy aimed his handgun at Arianna.

"Don't move," demanded the first guy "or I'll blow your fucking brains out!" Suddenly, he found a foot kick the gun out of his hand. "The fuck!" said the first guy, as he reached for the handgun hidden in the back of his pants. Before he had the chance to pull out the handgun, he

was kicked in the head, knocking him unconscious. As the girls began walking away, they heard a shot. Tenima turned around, after hearing the bullet buzz by her ear. She looked to see the second guy on the ground, his gun aimed at her. She ran towards him, jumped in the air, and coming down, her feet landed on the guys head.

"Let's go!" said Dianna "we got an asshole to find!"

After some time searching the house, the girls were unsuccessful in their attempt to find Sarian. As they began to descend the stairs, Dianna noticed a door with the name Sarian in gold letters.

"Think he might be in there." said Dianna. The girls walked in to see a desk, with a chair turned towards a bunch of monitors.

"Nice work ladies" came a voice from behind the chair. "And I always thought teenage girls were vapid morons, guess I was proven wrong." The girls watched as the chair spun around, revealing a man. He looked in his late twenties, tall, full goatee.

"Cut the shit," said Tenima "we're here to take your ass out!"

"Well" said Sarian, as he stood up. "If you think being cockteases wearing outfits like that is gonna beat me, I'm sad to say you're wrong."

"No," said Tika "we're strong, so we're gonna beat you up, we're not gonna be cockteases."

"Ya know," said Sarian "I was gonna make a blonde joke, but your 'intelligent' comment just saved me the time."

"Enough!" said Dianna "prepare to get the crap beaten out of you."

"No, I don't think that's gonna happen!" said Sarian.

"And why do you say that?" asked Dianna.

"Well," said Sarian, as he proceeded to remove the suit he was wearing. "Because over the years I've learned a move or two." The girls watched, as Sarian stripped down to his boxer shorts. As he got into a battle position, Arianna noticed Tenima and Tika drooling over Sarians muscular figure.

"Damn," Tika said to Tenima "look at that six pack!"

"I know!" said Tenima, a big smile on her face.

"Hey!" said Dianna "Can we put our tongues back in our heads, and get back to the task at hand?"

"Sorry!" said Tika and Tenima simultaneously.

Dianna ran towards Sarian, the girls watched as punches and kicks were exchanged. Each person managed to block the others moves, until Dianna let her guard down. All of a sudden, she felt a chop to the back of her neck, as she hit the ground, she lost consciousness.

"Who's next?" asked Sarian

"I am!" said Tenima. Like Dianna, Sarian ended up overpowering them, until it was down to him and Arianna.

"Looks like it just down to us." said Arianna, as she got into a battle position.

"I beat your friends," said Sarian "you don't think I can beat you?"

"I won't let you beat me," said Arianna "it's because of your damn drug, someone I care about is in hospital."

"The pretty boy? Jicaro or whatever his name is."


"Sorry little lady," said Sarian "I think he's outta your league."

"Enough of this shit," said Arianna "let's finish this!"

"Thought you'd never ask!" said Sarian, as he began roundhousing closer and closer to Arianna. Arianna blocked his kick, and kicked him in the side, knocking him to the ground. Sarian got up and made a jump kick towards Arianna, knocking her to the ground. As they continued fighting, Arianna noticed they were getting closer to the window.


Having been fighting for quite awhile, signs of fatigue were showing in both of them. In that time, they had gotten very close to the window. Having been knocked to the ground again, Sarian put his hands in one of his shoes, pulling out two small blades. As he stood up, he threw the blades at Arianna. He watched as she let out a painful moan, before falling to the ground. Noticing that she hadn't gotten back up, Sarian stood in front of the window victoriously, as if

there was an audience watching him.

"Hey asshole!" came the voice of Arianna behind him. He turned around to see Arianna standing up, throwing the blades back at him. Sarian yelled out in pain, as the blades went into his eyes. Sarian began blindly and frantically moving around. Arianna ran towards him, and kicked him in the chest, causing him to crash through the window. She watched as he fell to the ground, blood seeping onto the ground. As her and the girls began heading towards the front doors, they heard sirens.

"Oh," said Dianna "we'd better change back!"

"Good idea," said Tenima, as she held out her hand "Ruby return!" A red light covered her body, and switched her from her costume to her regular clothes. The rest of the girls did the same, they then proceeded to walk away from the site.


During the course of the next day, Arianna found out that Jicaro would be out of the hospital tomorrow. That evening, as Jicaro slept on one of the higher floors in the hospital, a figure stood outside his window. The figure was Arianna in costume. As she watched Jicaro rest, she knew

that she was gonna be into this fighting evil for life. As she stood there, she thought about Jicaro, and would he be included in her future? After standing there a few minutes longer, she made her way down from the hospital, changed back into her regular clothes, and joined the girls waiting down below.

"So," said Dianna "Did you do what needed to be done?"

"Yeah" said Arianna.

"So," said Tika "what do we do now?"

"I guess we wait" said Arianna

"For what?" asked Tenima.

"For whatever comes our way next," said Arianna "because I'm sure something will!" The girls began walking ready for the next adventure, wherever it may be!

The End