I Remember

(Inspired by Joe Brainard's poem of the same name)

I remember watching the rain overflow in the street gutters. We kindergarteners declared a flood.

I remember telling my friends not to open the Eyewitness reptile book because a snake might jump out at them.

I remember visiting my grandmother at the nursing home; I was playing with a toy parachute-man and learning to read.

I remember loving to color in pictures of babies in uteruses my school provided me with. "I want to color in the picture of the baby," a classmate would tell the teacher. "Sorry, Janna used them all," she'd reply.

I remember the OJ Simpson trial.

I remember pretending the clovers in my backyard were magical healing plants. I was a poor girl stealing them from a castle's estate. The prince found me and made me work as a servant, only to later fall in love with me.

I remember swearing I heard jingle bells from Santa's sleigh on the roof one Christmas Eve.

I remember running around topless outside Wentworth's Ice Cream with my friend Meredith when we were seven. I instigated our revolt against shirts.

I remember being surprised when my friends told me they remembered fighting over who got to sit next to me in kindergarten; I didn't remember it happening.

I remember making a movie in second grade called "Katy and Kathy Meet the Loch Ness Monster."

I remember catching fireflies at my aunt's house in Wisconsin.

I remember pretending to be a cat named Sara Kitty. I remember her siblings were named Snowflake, Powder, Lipstick, Honey, and Rasha.

I remember driving to Boston to buy two duprasis, which are basically African gerbils.

I remember Monica Lewinsky.

I remember having an imaginary friend named Lindsey for a few days, but she was really annoying.

I remember being excited at seeing deer in the Poconos with my mom. I remember by the twentieth one, it wasn't quite as exciting, but it was still fun.

I remember coloring in a picture of three angels. I made them look like my two best friends and me; I titled it "The Heavenly Trio."

I remember wanting to be a ballerina, then an actress, then finally a writer.