Witches, wooly itchy second-hand, mom I wanted to be a princess! No costumes left, dear.  Demons, vampires, gonna get you, no, not tonight, demons take the night off tonight, might get you tomorrow.  Pumpkin pie high, down, splat went, caressing the floor, sweeping, wiping, eight turkeys sitting on three branches, feather feather, fluff, one solemn sparrow. Couch fluffs me, drink Sprite, bubbles, bubbles drink fizz, Santa and his eight reindeer, nine, more?  Coca Cola HO HO HO, guzzle it up Santa.  Sugar cookies sweet, sweet like sugar, like sugar cookies, frosting is sweeter, beady Red Hot Rudolph noses no one eats. Baby baby beats old man, Take that old git! Baby cries, cries, grandfather gone, dead and beaten. Red construction con-struc-tion paper clipped into hearts, why not just pull it out, chest beats fast.  A kiss on the cheek is very sweet, but… but chocolate is sweeter.  Red nails pressed into chocolates, testing, working into, hoping, hoping for the perfect cream filling.  Damn, it's coconut, pistachio, grossberry raspberry! All dreams are lost.  Until the bunny comes.  Hard to imagine this fluffy hoppy pink-nosed bunny carries a basket of eggs and chocolates, harder to believe he can open locked doors.  But he does, dreams comes true if you wish upon a star, bunny stars, stars of bunnies.  Jesus is reborn BA-DA-BING!  Pretty flowers! He exclaims. It's so fortunate I came back at springtime! Indie penance… I confess, confess, I am an indie rocker.  Red, white, blue… one fish two fish… digression.  Digression from England.  Why???  Teatime is wonderful… pastries, scones, CUPPA! I'd like a CUPPA please!  America, we drink Sprite, Coca Cola… HO HO HO Santa guzzle it up, guzzle it up, Santa.