and when you say you're leaving
what do you really mean?
like I could know it all
like I could see it all
you laugh
and say I should
light a fire
and pretend to pray for rain

up the mountain we go
to snow and sugared eyelashes
a song bounces sharply under your breath-
not gently? couldn't you have at least tried
to do this the way we agreed;
I'm just not used to this kind of altitude

can you tell me when to say goodbye?
maybe let me know in advance,
so I can be ready, wear your favourite smile
tie on a grass skirt with nimble fingers
and raise my arms to twist around
in the licking stare of greenflamed driftwood

a few days more, give me
and realization will set into my skin
like weighted water sinking into sand

awaken dreamer,
velvet evening calls in draped tones
laying thick on the tongue and soft in the ear.
I search these pretty halls endlessly
a wide-eyed child of technicolour wonder
"who built this so big?
who wanted to get lost?"
I yearn for dusted sky at sunset
and wish on stars
that I can't even see

there are days when you want to lift the trees on high
from the bottom of the sea to fire in the sky
sing like a dove and shine like a diamond
a remembrance of surpassing colour
I found it for you; praise me.

when it began,
over the lake in the mid-morning sun,
it was me who arched into the water
where I am, where we are, and it is
soft like silk when we meet.

I'll dive for you, I'll drown for you
when you ask me to die for you
in ripping shades of green and blue
I'll ask
who's saying goodbye now?

if only I knew words like I know your skin
like I know your hands and the way…

this isn't how it was supposed to happen;
we made a bargain.
my shades of perfect colour betray
in favour of mountain white and clouded gray

in your lost room
where waves rush and withdraw,
I wait and want and wait
in shades of sea and sky
shelved and stored against the sand

when you say goodbye
I'll be
showing off a fire
I'll be
swimming under