A Kaleidoscope of colours
A myriad of light
Swirling mass of confusion
Childlike delight

This is so unknown
Innocense of youth
I would be afraid
If I only knew the truth

Thought that I was wise
So much I had learned
Situations arise anew
These worry lines are earned

Making up stories
Like a school boy
To justify these actions
A false sense of joy

Flailing in the darkness
Where has gone my light
Alone with these shadows
Will I survive the night

Hands are softly shaking
Ink upon the page
Try to rebiuld this life
Try to make a change

One step forward, two back
A losing battle that I fight
Thinking I could give up
So close that I might

So I'll sit here all alone
Bitterness poured over pain
Drown it til its all gone
Start it over yet again