The Miracle House by writerforever

The story of a young man, Matt, who did something everyone thought was impossible. He gave hope to the hopeless and love to unloved. He gave second chances. He said 'yes' when everyone said 'no'. He changed many lives and this is his story. This is the story of all the challenges and experiences Matt faces trying to help five teenaged boys in need.

The Characters

Matt Houston - At twenty-one Matt is independent and the heir to millions. He has always wanted to reach out to troubled teenage boys so he builds a three story house with his money. It is a home for troubled, orphaned, and mentally retarded teenaged boys. Everyone in the town do not like Matt's method of helping teenaged boys but he doesn't let that stop him. Soon his house is filled with five teenaged boys who have their own characteristics and personalities. Matt tries to make a difference in their lives and soon people begin calling his house 'The Miracle House'.

James Carter - The thirty-year-old, cruel manager of the town's local orphanage dislikes Matt very much. James believes that Matt is too easy on the teenaged boys at 'The Miracle House' and he will not rest until he shuts down 'The Miracle House' for good.

Maggie Houston- Sixty-year-old Maggie is Matt's widowed Aunt. When Matt opens The Miracle House Maggie volunteers to be the housekeeper and cook for the boys and Matt.

Samuel (Sam) Embs - Sam is an elderly homeless man who Matt takes pity on. Matt lets Sam stay in the bedroom out in the barn. Sam helps Matt with the feeding of the animals at the Miracle House and he does all the other chores.

The Teenage Boys at 'The Miracle House'

Jason Morison - Thirteen-year-old Jason is the first boy to arrive at 'The Miracle House'. He's an orphan and he longs for a friend. He loves 'The Miracle House' and adores Matt.

Chad Lennon - Chad is twelve-years-old and mentally retarded. His parents don't know how to handle him so they send him to 'The Miracle House' in hopes that Matt can help Chad.

Kevin Sparks - Kevin is fifteen. He comes from a wealthy family who never have time for him. Saying he is suicidal and dangerous Kevin's parents send him off to 'The Miracle House'. Matt has his work cut out for him trying to help this troubled and suicidal boy.

Trevor Hanson - Fourteen-year-old Trevor Hanson is really a good boy. When his father goes to jail for drug dealing Trevor has no mother and no relatives who want him so he is sent to James Carter's orphanage. But Matt tries to save him from the orphanage and bring him to 'The Miracle House'.

Jonas Baser - Jonas is sixteen and a very strange boy. He is an only child and his mother died in a car crash. Having been raised by his father, Jonas is a rough and a rather crazed boy. Jonas is also a psychic and his father decides to get his son off his hands and he sends Jonas to 'The Miracle House'. Jonas is always trying to get the others boys at 'The Miracle House' to do bad things and he claims to have strange dreams that lead him outside to the forbidden woods. Jonas brings trouble to 'The Miracle House' and Matt has problems trying to keep him under control.

The Places

The Miracle House - A big white three story house with black shutters. This house is out in the country on a very large farm that Matt inherited.

The Forbidden Woods - On the farm where the Miracle House sits is a large forest. None of the boys at the Miracle House are allowed to go into this forest but with the coxing of the psychic Jonas, all of the boys venture into the woods where dangers awaits them.

A Note From writerforever

I am really excited about writing this story. This story is what I hope to do when I become an adult. I plan on building a house and turning it into a home for troubled teenage boys just like in this story.

There are many characters in this story but each character will be introduced in each chapter. Like one chapter will be about Chad and how he comes to live at The Miracle House and so on and so forth. After I introduce all of the characters then will begin the challenges and adventures the boys and Matt have at The Miracle House. I hope everyone will read this story as I write it. Please review this and tell me what you think about it and whether or not you think this story will be interesting. Thanks : ).

Chapter 1 will be posted soon.