The Miracle House by writerforever

Chapter 4

Life At the Miracle House

Jason soon adapted to his new surroundings. He loved living at the boys home. Life was good and easy there. Matt treated him like a friend and Aunt Maggie treated him like he was her grandson. Jason had to get up every morning and start his lessons. Matt was his teacher and a very fun one at that. Matt made school fun and interesting.

Jason liked to go outside after school and feed the animals at the boys home. There was Maud the big draft horse, Billy the goat, and several cows. One warm evening while Jason was standing in the barn petting Maud, Matt came up to him. "Hey there Jason. You visiting with ol' Maud?" he asked. Jason smiled, "Yep, I really like her. Has she always lived here?" Jason asked. "Oh yea she's been here all her life. She belonged to my Uncle John. But he passed away," Matt said as he reached out to pet Maud. Jason turned away and sat down on a nearby bale of hay. Matt noticed that the boy had a sad look on his face so he went over and sat down beside Jason. "Is something wrong?" Matt asked. "It's just. . .I really miss my Dad and Mom," Jason said as a tear slipped down your cheek. "I'm sure you do. I miss my Uncle John a lot. When he passed away it was like he took a piece of my heart with him," Matt said as he placed a comforting arm around Jason. "I never got to tell them how much I loved them. I just wish. . ." Jason's voice trailed off as he began to cry. Jason took the boy in an embrace. After Jason had cried for a few moments he looked up at Matt, "Mr. Houston, thank you for everything," Jason said as a smile spread across his face. Matt nodded and smiled back, "Your welcome Jason. It's okay to cry and let your feelings out. If you keep all of your emotions bottled up inside of you, you'll be miserable. That's why it is good for boys, and girls, to cry when they want and express their feelings," Matt said. "All my life I've been taught not to cry. My Dad said boys aren't supposed to cry," Jason said sighing. "Well, boys aren't supposed to cry around all the time. But it is good and okay to cry when you need to," Matt said as he stood up.

It was a warm breezy night in Irvine and all were asleep at the Miracle House. A dark figure was making his way to the barn at the Miracle House. As he stepped into the barn Maud neighed loudly.

Up in his room on the second floor Matt lay in the bed reading a book. He heard Maud neighing and he climbed out of bed. He slipped on some house shoes and made his way down the stairs. Aunt Maggie emerged from her room as Matt passed by. "What is it Matt?" Aunt Maggie asked as she pulled on her house coat. "I heard Maud neighing so I thought I should go and see if everything is okay," Matt said as he grabbed a flashlight from a nearby table.

As Matt stepped outside a warm breeze was blowing. He stepped off the porch and made his way to the barn slowly. He reached the barn and stepped in. He walked over to Maud's stall and peered in. The big draft horse walked over and laid her head over the stall door. "Hey girl what is it?" Matt crooned. The horse nickered softly and rubbed her nose against Matt's chest. At that moment Matt heard a noise in the tack room. He walked over and opened the door to the tack room. He shined his light around the room and at first he didn't see anything. Then he saw a movement from behind a pile of feed bags. "Who is it? Show yourself," Matt said. He watched as the figure stood up slowly. To Matt's surprise it was an old man. "Sir. . .I. . . ." the old man's voice trailed off as he fell to the ground. Matt ran over to the man and knelt down beside him. "Mister are you alright?" Matt asked as he took the old man's face in his hands. The old man didn't respond. He had passed out. Matt then saw blood on the old man's right leg. Matt jumped up and ran out of the barn and to the house. As he stepped into the house he yelled, "Aunt Maggie quick! There's a man in the barn that is bleeding."

To be continued. . .