The Bluestone Babe

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Brian Parker has been working for the Bluestone Beer Company for four years and has allowed nothing to phase him ever since,but that was until Wednesday,March the 17th,when the CEO of the company,Frederick Lockery had called Brian into his office,because he has an important job for him to do:Go meet the Bluestone Babe and extend her contract.

"Are you sure about this,Fred?",asked a reluctant Brian."I mean,I really don't think that I'm the right guy for the job."

"Trust me,Brian.You're just the right man for this job.",answered Fred,while handing the contract over to Brian."Now,I don't care how you get her to sign it.Just get her to do it."

And so,after he had realized that he has no choice,but to do the job,Brian has left the Bluestone Beer Company building and drove all the way to the small Arizona town of Eagleclaw,where a Penthouse Magazine photo shoot was going on inside a local bar and grill--and as soon as he had entered the bar,his eyes had grown as wide as saucers,for he had walked into a den filled with young,beautiful women.

Just then,after he had walked past the other beauties,Brian had suddenly spotted a Jennifer Love Hewitt type beauty,who has her nude body on top of a bar.

Then suddenly,after she had turned her head and noticed an awestruck Brian standing next to one of her friends,the nude model had let out a smile.

Just then,after the photographer had finally finished taking photos of the model,he had gone with his crew and the other models into the next room,leaving both Brian and the first model alone together.

"So,what could I do for you,Good Lookin'?",asked the model,after she had covered her nude body by putting on an extra large tee shirt with the Penthouse Magazine logo on it.

And then,after he had taken a deep breath and looked at the model,Brian answered,"First,let me ask you one question:Are you the Bluestone Babe?"

Then suddenly,after she had heard that and let out a sigh,the model had gave Brian a good,hard stare and said,"He gave you the crud about being the right man for the job.Didn't he?"

"Oh,yeah.",answered Brian,after he had pulled the contract out of his pocket."That's exactly what Fred did."

And then,after she had taken a deep breath,the model said,"I've kept on telling that Jackass seven times already--I don't want to be the Bluestone Babe anymore!"

And so,after he had tapped the contract on the bar and took a deep breath,Brian had put the contract back in his pocket and said,"I knew it!I've told him that I'm not the right man for the job!"

And then,after he was finally able to calm himself down,Brian had looked at the model and said,"I'm sorry to have troubled you like this.I might as well leave.",but just as he was about to do so,the model had placed her hand on his and said,"No,wait.Why don't you stay for a while.I bet you could need a friend right now."

And then,after he had realized that she might have a point,Brian had sat next to her at one of the tables,let out a smile and asked,"So,what's your name?"

"My name is Jessie Bressler and I was a bored out of my mind stockbroker for three years,before Old Freddy Boy had approached me and offered me the job of being the Bluestone Babe.",answered Jessie,after she had let out a small smile."At first,it was fun having my image plastured everywhere.But that was until one of my high school friends had paid me a visit and asked me why should I dare myself to be the pinup girl of each and every boozehound in the entire world?That had made me realize that I should start rethinking my life and I've walked into Fred's office to tell him to go find himself some other bubbleheaded bimbo to be his Bluestone Babe."

Just then,after he had let out a small chuckle,a smiling Brian had looked at Jessie and said,"I do believe that I could take a wild guess on how he had taken the news."

"As a matter of fact,your wild guess was indeed right on the button.",said Jessie,after she had let out a little giggle."Anyway,ever since that day,Fred's been trying to win me back to the idea of being the Bluestone Babe.I've told him that no matter how much money he offers to pay me,I'm still not going to do that bimbo job anymore."

And then,after he had thought about it and realized that Jessie has done the right thing by walking out of her job as the Bluestone Babe,Brian had taken a deep breath and asked,"Well then,since I don't have to worry about how to get you to sign the contract that I've got with me,how about we have ourselves some dinner together--perhaps maybe some barbecue,or something that is just like it?"

After she had given his dinner invitation some thought and realized that he was harmless enough,Jessie answered,"As a matter of fact,some barbecue sounds quite okay by me."

A few minutes later,after they had ordered a half slab of barbecue ribs for each other(which has included fries and cole slaw)and began to chow down on their meal,both Brian and Jessie had looked at each other and let out a smile,for they might've found someone who just might be their one true love.

Just then,after they had finished their meal,Jessie had looked at Brian and asked,"Do you want to come with me and see my apartment?That is,if you really want to."

"Oh,that's okay.",answered Brian,after he had handed Jessie her clothes."I really would like to go with you and see your apartment.At least,it'll be better than going back to my lonely motel room."

And with that,both Brian and Jessie had left the bar and walked all the way to her apartment building.

After they had entered the building and walked over to her apartment door,Jessie had unlocked the door and they both had walked into the place that she was able to call home.

And then,after Jessie had closed the door behind them,Brian had looked around the apartment,let out a smile and said,"Whoa!This place looks terrific.I mean it looks really terrific.You must've had quite a decorator who must've been able to make it this fantastic."

"Oh,this is nothing.",said Jessie,after she had walked over to Brian and placed her hand on his shoulder."Just wait until you see the bedroom."

Just then,after the both of them had walked into the bedroom and looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two,both Brian and Jessie had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

A few minutes later,after they had removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed,both Brian and Jessie had started to enjoy their moment of pure,untamed erotica,while the rest of the residents of Eagleclaw had gone about their own business.

Sometime later,after they had finally finished their little romp of sexual pleasure,the two lovers had collapsed due to exhaustion and Jessie had placed her head on Brian's chest,just before asking him,"So,what are you going to tell Fred,when you go back with the unsigned contract?"

"You're kidding,right?",asked Brian,while he was running his gentle fingers through her hair."Why should I go back to work for a place who wants a bimbo for their pin up poster girl,when I just happen to have the real thing right here with me?"

And after they had shared a good laugh between them and they had snuggled up to each other,both Brian Parker and Jessie Bressler had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms,for they both had agreed to remain together--forever.

As for Frederick Lockery wanting Jessie to return to the role of the Bluestone Babe,all I could personally say is,"Sorry,Fred.But you're on your own on this one."