AN: I figured since I haven't written a good, romantic short story, I would now! Little out of practice so have some mercy when reviewing. Hope it gives you guys the fuzzies! (revised a bit)

"I don't want you to leave, please don't," I whispered, running my fingers down the silky fabric of his black shirt. He gave me a sad smile, his brown eyes slightly glazed with tears. I ran a hand through his mass of black curls.
"We both know I have to. I don't want to walk up those stairs anymore then you do love,"
I looked around at my surroundings. Boxes, dusty with years of sitting there in storage. Old toys lay haphazardly under a table along with bottles of spring water. Dull gray walls, rough with dripping of dried cement stared back at me. A similar floor, though smooth and cold to the touch was beneath my feet, reminding me of the wintry weather outside. Snowflakes could still be seeing falling gently down onto the bushes and shrubs. A dim bulb of light was the only thing keeping the basement from being cast into total darkness. A mental shiver went through me, knowing that this wasn't my ideal place for a romantic moment. In my basement.
I turned back to look at him "Then don't" He sighed, his eyes deepening with sorrow.
"You know I-" I wrapped my arms around him tighter, trying in someway to convince him to stay. I didn't care about being selfish, knowing he was doing his best; I didn't care that he had another life somewhere else. All that mattered was he was finally in my arms where he should be, where he belonged. Where he was needed the most.
As I nuzzled his neck, clinging onto him still he started speaking out loud, his head tilted upward.
"God, thank you so much for this woman who has so much devotion, faith and strength. I know she is the one for me"
I nearly broke down at his kind words, knowing he meant every one of them. I laid my head on his chest and he gave me sides a little squeeze. Before I could grasp onto him tighter, he gently took my arms and laid them at my side. Kissing me on the forehead, he started to walk towards the steps.
I didn't want him to leave, not just yet. Not now, not ever, though I knew no matter what, he had to climb those stairs. In a last effort, I grabbed him again and pressed my lips to his. I kissed his neck, his jaw line; right where his weak spot was. Everywhere I could find I kissed, and he kissed back. Our lips seem to always find each other, never wanting to part. Each time they met, the reunion was sweeter then the next as our tongues slid over to meet their mate on the other side. Entwined together they created a passionate dance only lovers can create. Fierce, yet gentle; calming yet invigorating. Wanting to give everything, share the love both souls kindle in the depths of their existence, yet wanting to take in the sweet divine sense of wonder that lies before them. Never wanting to forget knowing the only way is to let go. Embracing each other with twists and turns only they can perform, never letting go until someone must take a breath.
And we did. The dance partners took in their applause and parted slowly, reluctantly. Our eyes meet, my blue with his brown. His hand pushed aside a strand of hair from my face. Hand in hand, we took the steps one by one. We knew each one was one farther from each other but it had to happen.
The dance had ended too soon, for me at least. Looking back at him, I was addicted to the wonderful dance he taught me, for its one dance I will always know how to move to. And though it always has to end, I know it's just so we can be ready for the more wild twists, turns and twirls that comes with the more difficult dances to come.