A/N: This is my first attempt at a Sci-Fi type story so hope to hear everyone's opinions. It would be much appreciated.

...Anarchy the Ultimate Tool
No pointless, covenant or ignorant rule
...Anarchy the unending quest
Many look away and detest
...Anarchy a new way of life
Ridding the world of turmoil and strife
...Anarchy unlike the rest
Putting me and you to the final test
Anarchy is what we need
Anarchy will set us free
Anarchy will purge the obscene
Anarchy will show us the way
When it comes to our judgment day...

Anarchy Runes

Chapter 1
Anarchy Runes

There are few things in life to take granted for I myself believe that there are few things at least that I can take for granted. They say love is perfect but that is hardly the truth. I have been left for "being to nice" when in truth I am being left for someone older or a guy with more money. The word itself "love" is an evil thing. And holidays such as Valentine's Day don't express those true feelings they are just another stupid marketing scam. Not that Valentine's Day would matter much anymore the whole world fell into the new government belief of Anarchy.
No laws, no rules and worst of all no punishment. A world without punishment would lead it into further decay. So I seek to fight the fair fight and to do what seems smart, and I believe it is what works best.
See I was cursed with what some call Anarchy Runes or a Shlaromarek (The first one is easier to pronounce). They are small stones grafted into your body by the gods, they choose you as there victim and they aren't racist they have females, blacks, Jews and even mentally challenged people who bear the weight of these stones.
The stones come in colors: white equals good, black equals evil, blue equals water, red equals fire.yeah, yeah kinda like the old fantasy stories you read about. I wield the gray stone it represents the ying&yang , good and evil of this world combined together. It allows me to become ghost- like and conjure the power of the stars in exchange for energy in my body. I guess you could say it's a weird form of exercise, but this power isn't always good. There are millions of people who want these stones, because they grant wishes to those who obtain them and where not born with them. They usually ask for power or money two things that only live to be corrupt.
It is my job to find the neutral runes and maintain a balance of good and evil before it is too late and the world realizes its mistakes.I am the gatherer of the runes and I will not fail.hopefully.

Sivart stood outside the house he knew he would probably never see again. He had plenty of supplies for what would be a relentless journey. Clothes, money, food and his sword. The only reason Sivart choose a sword over a gun is because he felt that a gun was unhonorable and wrong weapon of choice. He had seen many people die from the bullet of a gun and didn't want to see any more.
Sivart wore black skateboarding shoes with a red trim, and ankle cut white socks. His pants were a dark gray like that of a filing cabinet. He wore a black shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. He wore black gloves on his wrist to hide the fact that he was a Shlaromarek bearer. He had a simple ball and chain necklace and both of his ears were pierced. His gray eyes leaked with anticipation of his soon to begin journey, and his dark black hair blew around in messy spikes in the wind. He had his sword strapped on his back. The sword was a long, serrated blade and a dragon carved into the hilt.
He approached his car. The car wasn't what you would call a nice buy it was an old gray station wagon. The black interior had been destroyed from everything you could think of. The only thing of true value in there was the radio and that didn't cost much either. The whole back of the car was littered with junk and now even more congested with the addition of luggage. Sivart resentfully stepped into the car and waited. He decided that prolonging the inevitable any long wouldn't help. He stuck the keys into the ignition and backed out of his driveway. He looked at his small one story house which he had given lease to earlier in the month. Anger enveloped him, but he didn't let it bother him, he just kept on driving.
The suburbs soon turned into the city of Armax an ex-industrial city of Armax an ex-industrial City, now mostly home to clubs and bars that were now housed in the old company warehouses. He saw restaurants, gas stations and pawn shops Sivart knew he would be relying on these things very soon.
As he drove by a club by the name of Non-Stop Hip-Hop he could hear the unbearable bass beat of the songs. It also had a scream in it, and unrythmic screaming almost like that of a real person.
Sivart stopped the car and got out quickly. Sivart could make out the screams as that of a female. Sivart went in to his "ghost form" his body turned into a dark mist. His body formed and became one with the air. He traveled towards the ally and came in line of vision with the group. There were three men with black pants half hanging of there waist and white tee shirts with some rappers name on them. Two of the men were black and one seemed to be of Latin descent. There in the middle was a female very familiar to Sivart, it was his ex-fiancé Trish.
They had her head tilted back by pulling on her long strawberry blonde hair. They had ripped her khaki pants of and were rubbing in unmentionable places. They had ripped down her blue halter-top and unstrapped her bra, and began fondling her breasts. Trish screamed in despair. The first taller black man who had a white durag on brought his head back to laugh. He never got to bring his head back up.
Sivart had came out of his mist form and brought his sword down on the attackers neck. It slid easily through his throat and out the other end of his neck. The other two didn't even notice, but Trish saw and her eyes widened. Sivart brought his blade to his right and gored the Latino man in the stomach. The scream that came from the man alerted the only one of his partners left. The third attacker a short black man brought out a switchblade and dropped the naked women to the ground.
"I'll drill your ass foo!" he said with an urban accent.
The man went forward and lunged the small knife at Sivart's throat. Sivart easily sidestepped the man and brought the hilt of his blade above his head. The stunned rapist fell head first into the ground landing on many broken alcohol bottles.
"Looks like my job is done here." Sivart said as he turned to see that Trish had already placed her clothes back on.
Sivart turned from her and walked towards his car. He felt a tug on his shoulder and turned expecting to see Trish. Sivart instead saw the short black man with a now toothless smile. Sivart smiled back sarcastically and in the same quick motion threw his clenched fist into the mans face knocking him out for good. The power of the dead bodies surged into Sivart's rune and his wrist began to burn profusely. He stuck his hands into his pockets and turned to walk away.
"Wait a minute I must reward my knight in shining armor" Trish said from behind Sivart.
"You'd be surprised." The rune wielding man laughed.
"Si.You saved me? I thought you hated me?" The still scared woman questioned.
"You'd be surprised." Sivart said again this time with arrogance in his voice.
Trish grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. Her lips went out and touched his. Sivart contemplated whether or not to enjoy the kiss. He decided by pushing her away and leaving.
"Let me come with you." She yelled.
"No!" was all he said as he ran to his car, "I'm worried about you getting hurt." He the continued under his breath.
Sivart hopped in his car and threw his blade in the passenger's side. He drove out of town and reached the sign that said: NOW LEAVING THE CITY LIMITS OF ARMAX.
It began to rain.