Chapter 3: Erinnerungen

Happiness tsk…tsk, some say being happy is the key to everything. They say if people are happy they will be productive and better all-around. Happiness is what the world runs off of. Well you want to know my opinion on happiness. Fuck happiness…I have nothing to be happy about. I have no real friends. I suck at relationships. My mom is dead and my dad hates me. Yeah let me throw a party. This though I believe is essential. It's like the good-evil theory. If there were no evil would ones good actions be better then another, and likewise if no one was sad then how would we all be considered happy. There must be a balance, as I have always believed. No single groups beliefs are exactly right. Yes one may sound good to your ears but another may think exactly the way they want yet be opposites. No one is the right way. I mean look in a history book it is a mistake that has been made quite often over that cursed word. I don't like happiness because in truth it has been stolen from me. My parents lost happiness from my actions, my friends lost happiness because of my mistakes, and I lost happiness because of my self-pity. That's why I say fuck happiness.

Sivart X

A set of worn tires rolled down an empty highway. A pair of eyes covered a mind with no end of thought of his recent meeting with JR. He had a chance so soon to become company with another rune bearer and choked. Other thoughts about his past haunted him and his mind began to wander.


A young male sat in a locked room. He had pale skin and ever other part of his body from his hair to the shoes on his feet was jet black. He rubbed as pain flowed through the black gem on the palm of his wrist. He stood up and the dark clothes hung loosely on his skinny body. He peered out of the window onto a dark placid ocean with an oval reflection of the white moon.


Sivart glared at the oceanfront as his car sped down the open road. He scanned the empty road in a thoughtless dream, when the radio on his car caught his attention. He adjusted the knob for volume with his hand and listened.

" We interrupt your regular program to tell you this breaking news a young teen by the name of Matthias Belzar who had been formally jailed for killing his parents has broken out and taken control of the Armax Bay Prison. He has been said by survivors to be using some sort of black fire coming from a gem on his hand…" the voice faded as it went out of range.

Sivart could hardly believe his ears not one but two rune bearers in less than twenty miles. He glanced at his speed-o-meter it read: 120 miles per hour. He heard the loud wail of a horn and looked up to see bright lights heading straight towards him.


Turismo walked out of Giovanni's Bistros and climbed into his green sports car he had just created. He pulled out and headed down the road in panic because he knew he had been caught using his powers. He had to kill the man who saw him.


The pale boy smirked as he rested in his throne made of melted metal tables. Dead bodies of prisoners and guards alike lay around him. He lifted one hand up and a black orb of fire formed. He threw it back and forth between his hands like a baseball until it fizzled away.

Turismo's car lights penetrated the night like a boat in water. He knew his car was much faster than anything else on the road…he made it that way. As he sped across the land he saw two cars on the side of the road that had crashed. He would have helped if he didn't have more important matters to attend to. Turismo looked back at the road he saw something in the distance. It was a human figure standing in the road with a look of horror on his face. Turismo quickly identified the man the one he had seen in the restaurant. As his foot pressed on the gas he studied the figure. He was dawning dark clothes that looked tattered and burnt. In his hand was a sword and on his wrist was a gray gem. Turismo spun his car to the right as the man dived towards a hill to the left that headed towards the lake. JR's car dematerialized as it hurled towards a tree, which had suddenly been covered with five-foot thick moss that provided for a cushioned collision.


Sivart rolled and rolled down the hill until he heard a splash. Sivart knew that in this condition he would never be able to stay afloat. Sivart was ready to give up hope; maybe it wasn't his job to save the world. He looked at the shore that was floating away when he saw someone running towards the water. The person was swimming in perfect strokes towards him. Sivart slowly backed out and began to sink.


Sivart awoke next to a fire with nothing but his boxers on. His hair was wet and hand fallen into his eyes. He jumped up and looked around until he saw JR leaning on a tree wearing khaki cargo pants and a green racing jacket.

"Hey what did you do with my clothes?" Sivart demanded with an evil glare in his eyes.

"Well I took them off since it's so cold in order to stop you from dying of hypothermia." Turismo answered very arrogantly.

"So what am I supposed to wear for clothes?" Sivart asked.

Turismo laughed and in one swift motion made something in his hands. It was a solid black shirt with a white star in the middle with some brown corduroy shorts. He also handed him a pair of black and white basketball shorts.

"This work?" Turismo asked.

Sivart nodded and grabbed the clothes putting them on quickly. The shirt was a little tight but Sivart could care less.

" We have some things to talk about." Turismo stated bluntly.

"Yeah but if you can get me to Armax Bay Prison I have some business there." Sivart begged.

Turismo shook his head in agreement and created instantly a racing boat that was green and had a black stripe on both sides. Its name was THE PENETRATOR, which made Sivart laugh under his breath.

" C'mon we can talk on the way." Turismo said.

Sivart walked to the boat and jumped on.