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Chapter four of Idiot's Guide to Revenge

After Mun-heui's stomach started to grown during our make out and then some session, I pulled my clothes back on before suggesting that we go out or breakfast. After a few minutes of begging her to agree while on my knees, we both ended up heading to the elevator down the hall. I don't know how we ended up in her bed so often, but I suppose I would be absolutely crazy if I even asked her about it. Asking something like that would probably end with me having to stay home and becoming a temporary celibate like Min-soo has. I'm pretty sure that would kill me.

When the doors of the elevator closed I was shocked to see that my hair was a mess, I had my shirt on backwards and inside out, and that I now had a hickey forming on my neck. I suppose that this was not a look fit for a nice restaurant, so I attempted to fix myself before we got to the first floor.

I tried to wipe the lipstick off, but only managed to spread it around more while my hair sat lazily on top of my head in a most unflattering fashion. Mun-heui had been adjusting her hair in the mirror and straightening out her clothes when she noticed that I was practically clawing at my face.

With a laugh she licked her thumb and started to wipe it off, reminding me of my mother in the worst way possible. I actually batted her hands away from my face when I thought about all those years my mother would slather her spit on my face and rub food stains off of it. After a questioning look from her I asked her for a tissue, which she quickly produced, and proceeded to wipe the lipstick off.

While I did that she started to run her fingers through my hair in a futile attempt to tame it. When it was finally settled into a presentable fashion I pulled my shirt off to turn it inside out. As I did this the elevator came to a stop on the sixteenth floor. This, of course, was not the one at ground level, which means that someone was about to come into the elevator.

When the doors opened two girls entered, at first quietly whispering to one another before the taller of the two pressed the button to close the elevator doors. The doors had mirrors on them, the reason I was able to see that I had been looking like a complete mess, which meant that they could both see me in all my half naked glory quite clearly.

I coughed a little as they stared at me before pulling my shirt over my head and crossing my arms across my chest. The two whispered frantically while fumbling through their purses. The taller one quickly found her cell phone and flipped it open. I stepped back a little when she aimed the camera at me and clicked the button, not really used to having random girls take pictures of me.

Mun-heui looked like she was going to murder the girl, so I quickly asked her to refrain from taking my picture. The shorter one looked at me funny, "Why?" When she saw me briefly glance at Mun-heui as she glared daggers into the two of them she laughed, "What, is she your girlfriend or something?"

I hate to admit it, but I did have to think about it. That bit of hesitation clearly made Mun-heui more angry than she had been, but this time I think a lot of that anger was directed at me. With her jaw clenched, she managed to mutter a 'no' before they began to continue their incisive photo-taking. The short one sneered at her a little as she did, "Then keep your eyes off of us and our Hak-su."



What's great about Mi-kyung's mother finding me under Hak-su's bed?

1. She isn't Mi-kyung.

2. She absolutely loves dogs.

Now, you may be wondering by I would even bother mentioning dogs right now, but believe me, there is a justifiable reason for me to say that it is a good thing. For one, I will not be sent to the pound; secondly, this means that I will not be served on a silver platter next to a bowl of rice or some kimchi if she decided to sell me some old fashioned restaurant that still offered dog on their menu. There is, however, one thing that is slightly bad about this whole ordeal.

I am currently tied to a gate post outside. This is not only totally humiliating, but if I was to become severely disturbed or exited while outside, I would no longer be a handsome dog tied to a gate post, but a handsome man tied to a gate post.


Did I mention that? I will be a naked man standing next to a gate post with a rope tied around my neck in some kind of crude collar. In some cases I would find this very kinky, but for some reason, all of this occurring outside of my best friend's house, where he just happened to live with his parents and little sister, and so I doubt this would make me all warm and fuzzy in the places that counted.

"Hey," I heard someone call from the other side of the gate, "hey, you." I spun around and saw a small female dog peering at me from a narrow gap in the stones, "Yeah, I'm talking to you, handsome." I wanted to laugh; I mean, not only can I get girls to fall all over themselves for me, but I can get a dog to hit on me through a gap in a gate wall.

"Don't you smirk at me, boy," she hissed. I watcher her expression change back to normal as she realized what she had just done, "I mean, don't you want to come out and play? I'm really in the mood." I felt my nose curl up at the thought of sex with a dog. It was just gross, I mean, I am currently a dog, but it was still wrong. I had no desire to learn the internal anatomy of some slut stray dog.

My eyes closed tightly, my attempt to keep those thoughts out of my mind. This whole thing was just weird. "Hey, what the hell? You're no dog; you're one of them!" I opened my eyes, looking down at myself in hopes of seeing my human flesh again. I did, and when I looked back up she peered at me a little more through the gap, I suppose in hopes of making sure that she wasn't hallucinating, before she walked away.

It took a few seconds for me to realize that I was screwed.


At lunch, the first decent meal I was to have since my mother had left to pick up my father from whatever relative he had been visiting, my mother asked me if Min-soo had arrived yet. I gave her a look, not sure why she would want to know whether or not he had been here, "Well, he was here earlier, but I think he left."

She smiled at me, "You know, Chin-seok is not the god of the universe." I raised an eyebrow at her. It was not common for her to bring him up and it made me wonder, especially now of all times, whether I was giving her less credit than she actually deserved. I nodded slightly as I dipped my chopsticks into my bowl, "I know, Mom."

She looked at me questioningly, but decided against asking what had happened. What she suggested to me instead was much worse and I dread to think about. She suggested the one thing girls cry themselves to sleep over. She suggested the one thing that made Hak-su cry himself to sleep over.

"Honey, why don't you try going after that Min-soo (Say what?) He's quite a catch if you ask me (I hadn't.) I bet he'd be overjoyed to become your beau (I bet he wouldn't.)" She had a huge smile on her face as she congratulated herself on coming up with a brilliant plan she saw no flaws in. Too bad I did.

Apparently, I was not the only one that did because my father was currently gawking at my mother as if she had told me to become a stripper. Of course, my mother took no notice of this and continued, "You know, I think that while he's living here you may come to like him (Say what?) It's going to be wonderful (Currently in shock, come back later.) Blah, blah blah blah! Blah Min-soo blah blah blah…"

Min-soo Lee, Mr. Popularity, is going to be living in this house- my house. Is the entire world against me? First, I almost kill him, something I am sure he will be countering with his own murder plots, and now he's going to have the convenience of sleeping in the same house as me as he does? Talk about handing him everything he wants.

Dear World:

Goodbye-It's been lovely, but please excuse me while I curl up into the fetal position and wait to die. Thank you.

With love,

Mi-kyung Cho

P.S. Don't try the eggs, they smell like feet.


To say the least, the next few minutes were silent-well, nearly so. The two girls were chittering to each other about how cute I was and how no one at school would believe that they had been in an elevator with me. I am used to the rapid chittering of girls, but usually, that chittering is no where near Mun-heui, whom I might add was asked to take not one picture of them practically molesting me, but at least ten per phone.

After they got off and we reached my car, I attempted to open the door for her. I say attempted because soon after I reached for the handle, she kicked me in one of my most vital areas. She glared at me before opening the door, of course aiming for my side as she shoved it out, and slammed it when she climbed in. I feebly made my way over to the driver's side and gingerly sat down.

We drove for about ten minutes before Mun-heui turned to me, "I'm mad at you, you know." I blinked a little, wondering if she had meant to damage my brain or something since she had just stated the painfully obvious to me. I nodded, "I sort of guessed. I'm not sure why, however, because I didn't say a thing."

I didn't have to look at her to know that she was glaring at me; I could feel it. "That's precisely the problem, Hak-su. When they asked whether or not I was your girlfriend or something, you could have said something!"

Sighing, I gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, "What was I supposed to say? 'Oh, this is the girl that wont let me call her my girlfriend. She hates you because you don't know better than to drool over me while the girl that I am not supposed to call my girlfriend is standing here.' Is that what you wanted me to say?"

My voice had risen quite a bit, not to mention that I had missed my turn. Twice. The car grew quiet after that and I'm not sure if we were still angry at each other or if we were merely supposed to be rethinking everything that had been said.

When I parked the car, neither of us reached to open our doors. We both just sat there, not really doing a thing. I let out another sigh, "I wanted to say that you were my girlfriend, but I couldn't." When I looked over, Mun-heui's face was red while eyes bled tears. Neither of us spoke; it was understood.

Mun-heui gathered herself together, got out of the car, and started walking to the nearest available cab. I watched her go, I saw her open the taxi cab's door, and I saw it drive away. The only thing I didn't see was me chasing after her.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't do any of it.


I had attempted to take the rope off from around my neck, but after a while my fingers began to crack as I fumbled with the knots. I breathed in slowly, exhaling even more slowly, and felt like giving up. So what if the entire Cho family got the impression that I was a total nymphomaniac? I was more than satisfied with the person I was.

Well, that is what I believed until I heard the gate rattling, a sure sign that some one was about to see a whole lot more of me than they were used to. I attempted to cover myself up as much as I could before it was opened.

The gate finally swung open, revealing Hak-su. He stepped into the yard and locked the gate behind him before he even noticed me standing with my hands covering what I could to keep some sense of decency, which many of you can guess was next to nil. He stared at me, probably going over ever possible scenario that could have happened to have led me be in this particular situation.

As he walked closer to where I was he smirked, "Did you make Mi-kyung mad again?" I narrowed my eyes at him, "Uh, no. Your mother did this to me, thank you very much." His smirk gave in a little as he fought off laughter. I glared at him, "It's not funny-It's not decent."

"Okay, okay. Could you at least tell me how you came to be tied to the gate naked by my mother?" He crossed his arms expectantly as I fumbled with my thoughts. I hadn't really thought of an explanation and knew that saying even one thing in the wrong tone could cause him to knot the rope more and leave me to be gawked at by whomever the first person to come out of the house was.

I couldn't tell him that I walked in on his sister in her underwear at which point I practically attempted toattach myself to her.This would never do if I wanted to keep me and mine alive or still attached to one another, so I had to come up with some other reason for me to be here.

"Well, I was watching this movie and there was a scene where this old hag of a woman drops her clothes for a long, long time. It threw me into shock. It was one of those damned American movies. They have disturbed minds. Dirty and disturbed." I kind of babbled, but he bought it or at least decided that he didn't want to know the real reason.

He left me standing there to go inside and get some clothes or something for me to cover myself better than my hands, which he informed me were hardly adequate to keep him from being repulsed. If I were not tied to a gate post stark naked ten feet away from his entire family I would have told him otherwise.

A few minutes later he returned with a small pile of clothes, which was great. My joy was severely stomped out, however,when I saw Mi-kyung following him out, daggers being shot from her eyes into his back. She muttered something at him before watching him walk straight to me in all my nakedness.

Her eyes grew to an abnormal size as she realized that I was tied to a pole by the neck, no less, in nothing but the skin I was born in. Her expression went from shock to what I will describe as pleasure because I know that's what I give her. Okay, so I have to be cocky when I'm severely freaked out. If anything, she appeared to be worse off than me.

"Did he just?" She asked, dumbfounded as she stared at me in my currently canine appearance.

Hak-su slowly turned around and when he saw her he started muttering incoherently, "Lets go upstairs, okay? The two of us can talk this all out." Was all he said after he finished talking to himself. She shook her head, "But he just-" Hak-su started to guide her away, until he realized that he had forgotten one vital person in this whole thing: Me.

He led her over to where I was tied up and worked on getting the knot loose. I looked up at her and slowly nosed her hand when she offered it to me. I didn't want to get too severely freaked out. For one, she might scream; secondly, if she does get freaked I may never get back to normal again; and thirdly, I didn't want to scare her. I'm getting soft.

I need to go bite some kid in the ass or something.


After Hak-su took me upstairs and into my room, which was much cleaner than his, he began to talk to me about what had happened outside. I sat Indian style on my bed while eyeing the dog that Hak-su claimed was Min-soo warily.

"Okay, so Min-soo has a slight abnormality-"

"You mean he turns into a dog?" I quipped, slightly distracted by the fact that Hak-su had actually put boxers on the dog while muttering about indecency and so forth. I think he actually put a belt through the loops of it too, which seems to be slightly anal on his part.

"Yes, that is what I was indicating. Anyway, it was caused by a girl-"

"In his fan club?" I asked, but quickly took note of how his eye twitched whenever I interjected. Actually, it was kind of neat. "He has one is all…" I quieted down, hoping that I wasn't in danger of being killed by my dearest brother. "Eh, continue, oppa."

"This girl, yes that had a thing for Min-soo for whatever reason, has this sister that is a, well, basically a bit on the magical side." He paused before quickly adding, "Yes, Mi-kyung, a bad magical; not like Mickey Mouse or anything." I nodded because I had been wondering that.

"Okay, so Min-soo did it with a girl that he probably dumped and the girl's sister turns him into a dog?" My lips moved into a thoughtful expression, "Cool."

"No, not cool, stupid. The hag made it so I can't feel any extreme motions without changing from either a dog to a human or vice versa. Now, I'm aware that you are not the smartest per-What Hak-su? I don't care if she is your sister! She's an idiot."

"Well, you aren't the brightest crayon in the-!" I semi-shouted, before my eyes took in everything about the area where the dog in boxers had been. Min-soo Lee was slouched on the ground with boxers pulled snugly around his hips and a smirk on his face, "Suddenly can't talk, I see." He sneered as he climbed off the ground and stretched.

"And so," Hak-su announced loudly, "Min-soo has to stay here until he can fix everything."

I raised an eyebrow at him, not sure what exactly needed fixing aside from the whole dog thing and why he had to do it here. "I'm not broken, Hak-su! I feel up one girl in your car and suddenly I'm broken. Where is the loyalty? Where is the trust?"

I decided that asking what exactly had happened would be a bad idea, and so I continued to stare at Min-soo with drool just barely remaining in my mouth as his abs flexed as he made motions towards my brother in protest.

"Ugh, whatever. If you weren't such a man whore, you wouldn't be in this mess." He rose from my computer chair and left my room. Min-soo made rude gestures as he passed, but didn't do much else. After Hak-su had left I coughed a little, "So."

"Well." With that, Min-soo stood up and made his way down the hall.


I rattled the door knob that Hak-su had kindly locked, leaving me with no where to go but back into Mi-kyung's room. I knocked on her door before I even thought of opening it See, I had learned something. and walked into her room. She sat and stared at me uncomfortably, "Sorry about before, you know, with your face and the baseball bat and all that."

I raised an eyebrow at her. '…with your face and the baseball and all that…?' What the hell did she think she had done? The way she was acting made me feel as if she thought she was apologizing for wearing the wrong color shirt or something instead of for almost killing me.

"It's just that I'm almost blind without my glasses-" She said as an after thought. I couldn't help but look at her as if she had grown four extra heads just now, because she said the strangest things. First of all, if she was almost blind without them, how could she hit me so dead on every single time? There is no excuse for almost killing me any way, especially if my face was in any way endangered.

"Well, the least I could do is make it all up to you."

I felt like jumping around in my underwear, which I was conveniently already in, and laughing crazily. I mean, this is a great opportunity to make Mi-kyung do whatever I wanted her to. If I wanted her to serve me ice cream on a silver platter for a month, I could get her to. If I wanted her to have all of my homework done before I even got home, I could get her to. If I wanted-Well, it really doesn't matter: If I wanted it, I could get it.

"Now that is an idea." I said with a smile. I couldn't help myself, it was like being given a million dollar present that I got to pick out myself. "But what, oh what, could make up for the permanent scarring I will have for the rest of my life due to the fact that you, for some inane reason, believed that my face resembled a baseball. Multiple times, mind you." Her expression turned from self resentment to what I would like to call fear.

I am grand.

I suppose she finally realized her mistake. Last year, there was a girl that actually accused me of cheating on her, which I wasn't because that's just sad. If I want someone else, I'll show you the door myself. Anyway, she hit me with her purse a few times before she realized that the girl I had been playing video games with was actually a guy who hated his hair short.

To say the least, I had a clean car for a month, breakfast in bed for two, and a free personal assistant for three. I never said I was perfect, you all just assumed that I was because of my good looks and irresistible charm. I do tend to hold grudges for a little longer than I probably should. It's not my fault, the wolves raised me this way.

That was a joke.

"Will you accept a quick apology and be done with it?" She asked, eyeing me warily. Have I mentioned how much I love having a reputation that scares people? Well it does, or at least, I hope it does. I shook my head, "No, I'm sorry. I don't take requests." Her face fell at this and I could feel the corners of my mouth turn up as I watched.

"But, it's not like I meant to." She countered.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Your point being?"

"That I, um, you should take the apology and run with it?"

I tried not to laugh at this, but I couldn't help myself.


Min-soo Lee stood up, still laughing at my expense, and walked to my door. I stuck my tongue out at him and made other faces, brave now that his back was to me. When he opened the door he paused, "You know, I think I know what you can do." I was in the middle of mimicking his words back to him when he turned to look at me, which caused my jaws to snap shut. "And what's that?" I asked meekly as he watched me with eyes slightly narrowed.

"Your bed looks awfully comfortable, especially compared to Hak-su's floor."

Eh? I wanted to laugh if he was saying that I would have to switch him my bed for the floor because that is possibly one of the easiest things he's made people do. I heard once that he made a girl wear a sign that read 'I lick feet' for two weeks after she took his seat in one of his classes and called him an ass.

"Yes, it looks very comfortable and I'm sure sleeping next to you will make me feel much better."

I blanched, "Do what? I can't do that! For how long? Are you crazy? I don't like you!" I babbled on and on.

"Oh, I suppose that a set amount of time would be a necessity." He cocked his head to the side, "I suppose I will stop sleeping in your bed when you break my curse."

"But I don't even know what your curse is!" I said, already standing up to get into my battle stance. He shrugged with a small smile, "Oh, that. It's quite simple really-all you have to do is make me fall in love."

Make me fall in love.

If things were always just as simple as they seemed.


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