Night Neighborhood Crisis
By Lissa Howe

In the dead of night,
Walking around my new neighborhood
When out of nowhere I hit the ground
Hands grab my legs, pulls me
The bushes scratch at my dark socks
I turn my head rapidly until I flip
I lift my head now trying not to scratch my face
Trying to flip back over
Suddenly I stop.

I stand up, a hand grabs my mouth
Pulls me pass a grave
I'm in a tomb
Against a stone cold wall
My eyes close falling into a deep sleep.

I awaken, red eyes fix upon me
The room lit with candles,
I look to see who the eyes belong to,
Two odd looking characters
Dressed in black shirt and pants
Blood dripping off of fangs.
One leans back on his heels and turns.

I look up to see
Others chained to the wall
The mysterious characters look at me
Starting to walk toward me
I struggle free from my cuffs
Running for the exit at top speed.

I'm on the ground
The mysterious character is a vampire
"I'm such an airhead"
I thought as he sucks me dry

Edited by: Draconic Spirit