My Lady

Our eyes catch from across the room. Hypnotic is your gaze as it grasps my mind and
body tightly. Such a curious creature you are, unlike any I have seen before. Your eyes seem
to call me closer, towards you, the object of my lust. A force unknown to me, or anyone else
in the room, pulled me to you. Walking up to you now, your beauty overwhelms me. Leaning in
close, your breath warms my skin, sending shivers down my spine. 'You look lovely tonight my lady,' the words flowed from your mouth like a song, 'Honor me with a dance?' Silent agreements made, I sunk into strong arms, which held me with ease. So close the embrace, my body tingled all over, and my feet seemed to float. Who was this mysterious man? Did it even matter? My mead grew light, and my body clasped in your arms. Leading me from the crowded dance floor, doors open to the great beyond, and the darkness. My body began to recoil, to darkness, it repeled me from former warning. Yet instantly the recoil secede, a new found comfort met my limbs instead. Into the darkness we went, deeper and deeper, farther from prying eyes of all others. Moon shined bright above us, casting light across your face. Holding me close, I felt your lips gentle kissing my neck. Sensations of pleasure flooded my body, my head fell to the side, leaving my neck now fully exposed. Eyes open just long enough to see white fangs shining in the moon light. Than I felt the slice, ripping of my flesh, my body grew weak, and you lifted me from the ground. Blood flowed from my body into your mouth as you gentle suckled at my neck. Thoughts rushed in and out of my mind. I could hear your thoughts as well as mine, but I could make since of neither of them. Blood, blood, so rich and warm, your thoughts rang in my mind. My heart began to slow as every drop of my blood drained into your mouth. 'I thank you my lady,' he whispered into my ear as darkness enveloped my sences.