I'll wait for you.
Even when I've gone insane,
And heaven's come across my pave.
Still my bones you shall find.
I'll always wait for you.

They shall bleach underneath the sun,
Waiting for all eternity,
Waiting for you and only you,
My bones shall sit,
Clanking in the wind.

When my mind goes insane,
And my self I no longer am,
Even though I've lost all thought,
I've lost all love,
I'll still wait for you.

When god reaches out his hand,
And decides to take my soul,
It may leave,
But my body shall stay,
Here I shall always wait.

My heart went when you left,
Left me all alone,
But no mater what history said,
I said I'd wait,
So here I sit with bleached bones.

By Siobhan
Date: 18/March/2004