Cell Of Mind

The screaming and the yelling
Driving me insane
I sit here alone in my cell
Staring at those cold, dark walls
Trying to forget about the pain

Tortured by my own mind
Whipped through as I sleep
I manage to survive it
And I would have never thought
That this pain would've run so deep

I wish I could fight this
I want to give my all
I do try to push myself
But It doesn't matter how hard I try
I always seem to fall

Why'd it have to be this way?
To have all this time pass me by
To have nothing but darkness
But be too scared to find the light
It's enough to make one cry

I don't deserve this
I live amongst this lie
Trapped behind unseen bars
Guarded by unseen guards
That I wish would let me die

I lay here in my corner
Not knowing what I will find
Trapped in this hidden place
I could call my own
This lonely cell of mind

By Robert Hegan (18th of March 2004)