He sat in front of me in the lecture hall studying Personnel Management during a Company Law lecture. He'd been silent the whole lecture. So silent I barely noticed him. In between doodling on my notes and pretending to listen, I didn't have much attention for much else.

It was after the break that he started talking to the girl next to him. He was explaining a point. Then I noticed his long face and lightly dyed hair. Wonder why my college-mates like dyed hair. He had long fingernails. Longer than I've ever kept them and I'm a girl. I think he's a pretty artistic type. His books were neat and indexed. Either he's very organised, or very free. He wore a simple t-shirt and brown-green slacks that were frayed at the bottom. Black slippers. Metal watch. I can't wear metal watches. I get allergic to them. It's frustrating. I happily got my ears pierced in form 2. Now I don't wear any earrings because it gets itchy with them on for too long. It's sad. Very sad.

He pulled out a fat pencil box from his bag and was stuffing all sorts of things into it – a calculator, a set of OHP pens, a double-hole puncher, a stapler and an assortment of pens. That's not a pencil box. It's a bag in itself! My little green "hotdog" fits 10 pens, 1 ruler, 1 stapler, 1 eraser and extra pencil lead. And it's already stuffed full.

He pulled out a hand phone. One of those foldable kind. Never learnt what it's supposed to be called. It was in a little cute bag that looks very girlish. Must be a very artistic type person. If his hands were fairer and slightly thinner, with their long nails (very neat long nails) and nervous shifting, and the little girlish phone bag, I'd think they belong to a girl.

I figured he was from one of the business administration classes because accounting doesn't take Personnel Management. Besides, I don't remember seeing him before. Hate it when they mix courses sometimes. It means I don't get to be in the same lecture as one of my CF friends. And I get the lousy law teacher. The one who talks down to us. Doesn't matter, really. I'm also going for the other lecturer's classes. I know, I'm too hardworking. Hah. More like I can't stand my own lecturer but must go for appearances' sake. Besides, she just started taking attendance. I can bet she's irritated at us.

Makes no difference. It's not as if we're listening anyway. I'm doodling. Pauline's playing snake on my hand phone. He's studying Personnel Management. And this was supposed to be a Company Law lecture.