Johann Amidaus Blüde awoke, not knowing what he did last night, and contemplating his life with his 'gracious' adoptive parents. School sucked, his life sucked, his guardians sucked really hard, and society, as a whole, sucked. All day long he pretended to be something he's not, but at night, he could be who he really was.

He heard Helen walking down the hall, he rolled out of bed and got dressed before she could come in and throw him off the bed. Johann scrambled to get dressed and gathered everything needed for his first day at a new school.


Johann answered with an undistinguishable grunt, opened the door and walked the few feet to the bathroom and slammed that door on Helen's face. In the few minutes he spent in the bathroom he managed to dress himself--jeans, t- shirt and a hoodie--and look somewhat decent, meaning that his reddish hair wasn't completely in front of his gray eyes. Although still not fully awake, he grabbed his school stuff and headed for the front door, when once again Helen got in the way, "Please make a good impression, we don't want another incident, and this is a nice neighborhood, and a good school district. Don't screw this up."

"Thanks for that vote of confidence. I know how to keep my shit together. Now outta my way unless you want me to be late and make a bad impression." Helen sidestepped out of Johann's way, but before he made it out the door, she called out to him, "You forgot this," Helen tossed Johann a collar, "Now go."

Johann walked out the door and saw a stray dog staying out of sight of the house. Johann put the collar on the dog and sent it running in another direction, giving Johann a sense of satisfaction as he made his way to the school just three blocks over. Once there, the sense of satisfaction quickly faded as he sat in the office waiting to be questioned. He wasn't the only one in the office waiting, beside him sat a girl, she was a bit short, blonde, brown eyes, and the pinnacle of the punk look, and for reasons unknown to him, she kept staring at Johann, much to his discomfort.

"Why are you looking at me?" Johann blurted out.

"Why aren't you wearing a collar?" The mystery girl asked.

Before he could answer her, the mysterious blonde was called into one of the counselor's rooms, and Johann was once again left to sit by himself. Although he didn't get to enjoy his peace, for he was called into the principles office.

Johann sat down in front of the principle's desk as the man sat reviewing the record he received from Johann's last school, "So.Mr. Blude-"

"It's pronounced 'Blood'"

"Right sorry, Blüde, you seem to be a bright kid, but you've been to 3 schools in as many months-"

"Foster parents have been moving around looking for jobs."

"So the transcript says, I hope you'll adjust to the way things are here. We have are troubles here, but these days, what school doesn't, eh?" The principle pulled out a sheet of paper, "This is you're schedule, I'll get an office aid to show you to you're first class, any questions? No? Good. Now off you go Mr. Blüde."

Johann was quickly pushed out of the principle's office, and the door slammed behind him. Johann looked at the paper and tried to figure out what his first class was, when a voice behind him spoke, "Looks like you're in AP Anatomy."

Johann turned around to see the blonde he met earlier, "My name's Havily, I'm the one that's gonna show you where you need to be."

Johann offered his hand, "Johann." Havily took the hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you Johann. You still haven't answered my question though."

"What question is that?" Johann inquired.

"Why you're not wearing a collar." Havily stated matter-of-factly.

"Why would I? Do you know something I don't?"

"Only that the attendants said we were getting a new student, and since most of the 'undesirables' wind up here..."

"Are you one of those undesirables?"

"Sure," Havily said with a grin, "But I'm just a bad seed, no more. Now do you want to get to class on time or will I have to drag your sorry ass?" Havily walked down the hall and Johann quickly followed, he had a feeling that this was going to be the highlight of his day.