When the doctor walked into the examining room, he saw the largest canine he'd ever laid eyes on, sitting atop his examining table. After a moment of shock, he noticed a woman who also happened to be in the room.

Shaking her hand he introduced himself, "I'm Dr. Smith, you must be Mrs. Blüde—"

"Actually it's Paris, Helen Paris."

Confused the doctor continued, "You gave your…um…dog…a different last name?"

Helen gave a mirthless grin, "He came with the name."

Again the doctor seemed to be readjusting his thinking for a moment, "Uh…you know that you don't need to bring your—is it a dog? —in with you, don't you? Your secrets are safe with us…"

"Actually, Johann is the one we're here for."

"What do you mean?"

With a sigh Helen continued, "Do you have a hospital gown, and a screen so Johann can change behind?"

Dr. Smith opened a cabinet and dumbly handed the clothing to Helen, "You'll have to go to the bathroom if you want privacy, or I could just go outside for a moment."

Helen looked at the canine, and then returned her gaze to the somewhat confused doctor, "Let's step outside for a moment Dr. Smith."

Both the doctor and Helen left the room, Helen closing the door behind them. This surprised Dr. Smith, "Are you sure we should leave—"

"He'll be fine, and he won't mess with anything." Helen answered quickly.

As an awkward silence fell over the pair, Helen seemed to be counting seconds on her watch. After a set time, unknown to the doctor, Helen knocked on the door, "Are you decent in there?"

To the doctor's eternal surprise, the voice of a teenaged male answered, "I've never been before, so I don't see why I should be now?"

Helen sighed, "Are you dressed, because we're coming in."

Helen placed a hand on the doorknob, and even as the voice answered, was opening the door, "Yes I've got 'clothes' on. they don't seem to cover much."

Once more to Doctor Smith's perpetual surprise, there was a young man sitting on the table, wearing the gown he'd left in the room.

"What did you do?" The doctor quickly started going through his cabinets, "How did he get in here?" Having realized there was no way to his the large animal that was just in the room, turned to the boy and asked, "What did you do?"

"I'm fine, the name's Johann, as you already know." The boy replied holding out a hand to shake, "Your bedside manner could use some work, and at least you decided not to stick a thermometer up—"

"That's enough, Johann!" Helen interrupted.

The young man stuck his tongue out at her, and continued, "As you can guess, I'm rather unique, but don't try to claim this as your own discovery, last doctor tried that already, Canterstroph, I think his name was, didn't work out for him."

"Johann," Helen started, "I thought you wanted, to get in and out quickly."

"I did, but now that I see how uncomfortable it makes you, I thought I'd try to drag it out." Johann smirked.

Dr. Smith had found something he wanted to latch onto, "I'm not the first to see this?"

"No, you aren't."

Dr. smith slumped over, oblivious to the others in the room, "I'll never find fame…"

Johann's eternally condescending smirk seemed to get larger, "You could find it up my ass…"

The doctor glared at the young werewolf, then an expression of puzzlement came over his face, "Why is it, that we have no records of this extraordinary condition?"

"Maybe because no doctor has ever been able to examine me before…wait a minute."

"I don't think so, I've never seen a record of anything like this, and if it's undocumented I'll still be able to get the credit."

Johann's expression took on worry, while Helen seemed to have gained the smugness he lost, "Why don't I leave you two to ponder over this fact."


"You heard me," Helen left her young charge in the hands of a doctor who could see is name in every household, and the path went straight through Johann.