Why Do You Judge?

Why do you hate?

Why do you so blindly judge?

why do you form opinions with no basis in truth?

Why do you try to keep others from enjoying the same rights

that you yourself benefit from every day?

Is it so hard to live and let live?

Is it so hard to allow people to live their lives

Free from unwarranted hatred and prejudice from others?

Is it so difficult to just leave them alone and let them live???

You, you who claim to love America,

claim to love freedom and all our country is supposed to stand for.

You haven't the slightest idea what freedom really means.

Or if you do, you choose to disregard it, to apply it only as you see fit.

A love between two men

or two women

is just as beautiful,

just as sacred

just as strong

as that between a man and a women.

A marriage between two people

who love each other

is no less sacred

if it is between two people of the same gender.

You say you want to protect the "sanctity of marriage"

Then let it be about what it should be-

About love.

Do not judge that which you do not know

Do not fear all that differs from what you perceive to be 'the norm'

Do not condemn that which you do not understand.

A wise man once said,

that all of us

are created equal

and that we are entitled to certain rights-

"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

What happened to these rights?

Does society so quickly forget

The words that it once adopted as its creed?

Let us take these words to heart, and truly begin to earn our title

Of the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.