By:Andrew Troy Keller

A young archeologist named Oliver Carlin has arrived at the Lost City of the Aztecs to do one thing and one thing only--to look for his ladylove,a real Chase Masterson type beauty named Jessica Logan.

She and her research team were assigned to check out the Aztec ruins for any sign of strange and bizzare artifacts,only to have some unknown force cause all of the team members to be mesmerized and forced to walk into one of the many temples--and that was before the video transmitter has suddenly gone dead.

As soon as he and his team had arrived at the Lost City and began to call for Jessica,the doors of the one Aztec temple that she had walked into had opened and a nude Jessica had walked out of the temple.

"Greetings,my children!",said Jessica,after she had raised her arms and allowed the light coming from inside the temple to bathe her within it."We're so pleased that you had returned to us."

But then,just before he was about to object,there was a sudden rumbling coming from underneath the Lost City.

And then,without warning,a large disc shaped craft had smashed its way out of the ground underneath the Lost City and hovered over everyone within the city itself.

And after Oliver and his team had looked up at the UFO and Jessica had walked out of the temple,a strange beam has lifted Oliver,Jessica and the other humans up to the spacecraft.

Just then,after they had boarded the UFO and it had closed itself behind them,Jessica had looked at Oliver,let out a big smile and said,"It's okay,Oliver.There's no need to fear them.They're only taking us home."

Say 'Goodbye',Planet Earth.