Sabrina Garcia
Period 1

It's cold here. My fingertips run softly over the green and black tile on the floor.

Memories of a life long past, hits me full force. My memory is assaulted with pictures of

my life as a teenager. I can see my old friends clearly, I see my teachers, and I see. my

life. But its all just a memory, everyone I see here, has been dead for quite sometime.

My name is Kat; I am 5'5" and have the weight and appearance of a sixteen-year-

old, the age of which I was transformed into the monstrosity that I am now. I am a

vampire and have been for over four hundred years. My master, better known as Altec,

found it amusing that I was made so young and used it to his advantage for several years.

It's a sin in the vampire world to make vampires as young as me. And If I where ever

found by a vampire lord I would be destroyed on site. Although I think they would have a

harder time killing me now then they would have when I was a fledgling.

I stand up from the crouched position I had been on to touch the tiles, and walk

silently to the window. The moon is full and bright tonight. It illuminates my hand as I

touch the now peeling salmon colored paint on the windowsill. It's still the same color as

it had been when I came here as a teenager. Nothing about this old high school was any

different. The lockers where still blue on the third floor, where I stood now, and it still

smelt horribly rank.

I could hear the security man on the second floor now, checking to

make sure that everything was still locked. He would be coming up here next, and that

was what I was waiting for.

The door to the third floor where I was standing in wait was locked. I heard him

fuss with the lock for a moment and then push the door open. It would take him a few

minutes to get to where I was, but it didn't matter, what were a few more moments? He

took a step around the corner and saw my figure. From the look in his eye he couldn't

figure out wither or not I was truly there or if I was just a shadow.

"Is someone there?" He said quietly. He was hoping that no one would answer,

but I would soon ruin all hope he ever had.

"Hello Terry," I said with a grin. "You don't remember me do you?" I took a step

towards him, giving him a start and he took a step back.

"No, but what do you want?" His voice was now shaky and he began to fumble

with the flashlight attached to his belt loop. I took another step towards him, causing him

to jump back and rip the flashlight free from its hook. He pointed it at my face but

couldn't hold it steady enough to get a good look at me.

"What do I want?" I said with a chuckle "What do I want? Terry. you remember

a while back. Say about a year or so?" His eyes flickered as he began to remember the

murder that he got away with, the person that he killed. He smiled viciously at me.

"Oh I remember." His voice was malicious and almost threatening. I jumped on

him, pinning him quickly to the wall.

"You take pride in that?! You are worse, than even me!" I bared me fangs

viciously and watched his eyes grow wide.

"Wha.What are you?" His voice was Horace and weak from the pressure on his


" What do I want?" I said making him remember his first question. " I want

revenge. I want you dead" I felt him begin to pry at my fingers, hoping that something

would loosen my grip on him. He then did the stupid thing of thrusting his thumbs into

my eyes and that only made my grip tighter.

" I'm going to enjoy watching you die." My voice was very monotone and harsh.

I bared my fangs once again and quickly found the nerve in his neck. His blood was

heated from his anger and only urged me to drain him quickly.

A sudden blow to the back of my head sent me into the wall and Terry fell to the

floor. I turned around quickly and glared at the man that had hit me. Only one person

could have hit me hard enough to send me into the wall.

"Altec." I said still looking at the floor. :Why the hell did you stop me!" I wiped

the blood from my lips quickly and stood up straight. I then walked over to the spot

where Terry had fallen. He was still alive but horribly week and unable to stand.

"You piece of crap." I muttered under my breath and kicked him violent in the

ribs. Altec grabbed me violently and threw me into a wall.

" What do you want!?" I said standing up slowly from the dent in the wall.

" You've got no time to be playing cat and mouse games now. The ancients need

you, apparently you are the only one that can help them," He grabbed me by my shoulder

and shoved me to the window. "Its time to go." I climbed out the window and took to the

air with Altec right next to me. My mind was on fire. 'What could the ancients really

want with me?'