WARNING: Just to keep it save, I think I'm rating this R. Not that it'll have any gore or sex stuff, just that this story involves slaves. Got inspired by good old discovery channel, the ancient Roman civilization, where money is the dominant factor in everything. The slaves were in really cramped and lousy conditions with no rights. Ok, won't go into detail on the facts. Anyway, because I am not Roman nor do I live in Rome, I'm going to push the timeline into the future.

Chapter One

It is 587 AD ( After Democracy) and the human civilization is still thriving. This is a time where there is no religion, no racial differences, no countries, little rights and for eighty six percent of the population--------------------------- little hope.

.Back in 2097, when all these boundaries still existed, the Americans had successfully built a usable and self power-generating city on Mars, named NewPeace. However, like the irony of human history, this tiny space station became the central motivation that caused nations to clash and go to war. Over the much-needed water and fuel resources Mars has to offer. The old war games of "space race" became more and more uncontrollable as hundreds of nations suddenly woke up to an incredible urge to join the power struggle to dominate Mars. This struggle, adding to the tense international relations and the helplessness of the powerless UN, lead to the most memorable, and the first, nuclear war, WW3.

The impact of this war left deep chaos for the next ten decades. Eventually, humans became so binded in their suffering that the greatest revolutionary change rocked the globe. People lost faith entirely in democracy. The old saying, " Power to the people" was spat upon. Money and power became the universal language. A deeply meritocractic, money- motivated and globalistic system was installed. Their own people dragged down the leaders one by one from their powers. Flags and churches were destroyed.

Within the next four hundred years or so, history sees the fall of giant multinational companies such as Microsoft to Seen. Seen was the only company that had all the rights of ownership to much of the resources on Mars, such as thermal power, water ( A desperate scarcity by then.). SEEN's R&D industries in it's own Silicon Valley on Mars generated millions of new revolutionary technology. Teleporting, military gliders, computer chips that were ten to the power of eight times smaller than the average microchip, medicines that allowed one to live forever, genetically engineered children, atom engineering........ all these and more came from Seen.

People only had so much faith left after the chaotic period and SEEN's stocks and products were seen as the only reliable things to buy. It did not take long for the president of SEEN to become the monarch of the world.

The story begins in 587 AD, a period where technology has reached a peak, human rights and law are scoffed at and where nature has finally been defeated by mankind's exploitations.

It wasn't a happy period. SEEN's higher ranked employees were established as the HIC, the Higher Intellectual Class. They were only five percent of the world population but they owned at least ninety nine percent of everything. The twenty percent middle class waited on these five percent hand and foot. For the remaining seventy five percent, life was a daily routine of drug abuse, disease, death, slums and food raided from sewages. With money, one can now buy a human to keep as a pet, create a monster, become superman, or simply kill for the entertainment.

It is in this period that Zara grew up in, a modern orphan with a very old name. A name with the hidden meaning 'dawn'.