You know, maybe its because I turned 18, but all a sudden I'm not feeling that reluctant to write stories with kisses inside. Mind you, I have not been kissed yet so if the kisses my characters exchange seem too weird or clique, blame me on the media. =) Not that it'll appear in this chapt. I guess the kisses will pop up when they absolutely have to.

Chapter three

Viggo strode into Zeth's office room. It wasn't really an office, more like a big spacious room big enough for him to do five cartwheels from one wall to another if he had a mind to.

Zeth's office was on the top floor of the SEEN main central building. It was completely white with white marbled floors all in one piece that had cost millions of Union just to make. Exclusive art pieces and sophisticated structures dotted the room here and there, which Zeth had made himself since he was a boy. Some of these structures Viggo still could not understand in their uses. Whatever the case, Zeth said that a spacious room with white walls and floor made him think better.

At one corner a bar is hidden with expensive drinks and crystal glasses. A professional cocktail master could be called up anytime of the day. But Zeth preferred that the bar remain 'folded' behind the wall. Aside from a giant aquarium housing exotic deep sea creatures and corals in front of his desk, the room did not even have a window.

Zeth was leaning carelessly on his white hovering chair, apparently musing things over in his mind as he reached for his favorite platinum paper weight with one hand. As Viggo watched, the heavy paper weight rose laterally from Zeth's hand and hovered there in mid air. Viggo smiled to himself with admiration. Zeth was born naturally, yet he had talents beyond what ordinary people could wish for.

"Zeth?" Viggo inquired.

The chair turned and Zeth looked at him. He smiled.

" The new guard survived the operation sir." Viggo said, shrinking back into the more comfortable servant stance.

"Address me by my name Viggo. You've known me since I was four." Zeth said.

Viggo grinned and walked up to the table. Zeth 'released' the paper weight and it floated back to his hand. He placed it back on the table at the exact same spot.

" There's something very interesting about her." Said Viggo.

Zeth crocked an eyebrow. " Her? That's interesting. First time I'm getting a female guard."

" She has quite a lot of similarities to you. Of course I think this report of the doctors is just another of their whim to try to catch your attention so you'll join their research in bioengineering." Viggo said, looking a bit aloof.

Zeth grinned. " I'm a professor in medicine and bio-engineering, they probably want me to join their laboratory to research on more profitable means than my own projects."

"Anyway, apparently she has the same incredible symmetry in structure as you. Both of you are completely symmetric and she has all the same ratio of her body proportions to. 1 is to 1.614, the ultimate beauty formula." Said Viggo.

" Ah, she must be a beauty then. You know Viggo, you sound rather displeased." Zeth said.

"She's just a commoner Zeth. Lowest class in fact. I just feel that the doctors should not have the nerve to compare her to you." Viggo replied.

Zeth got up, raising to be half a head taller than Viggo. Both boys had been trained in combat by the same instructors and hence both Viggo and Zeth developed graceful, lean and agile physiques. But Zeth had always sturbbornly remained half a head taller than Viggo.

" Come, let us go see her." Said Zeth.

" Not I, she may be an interesting new play thing to you but I have more important papers to finish." Viggo said.

Zeth shrugged easily and left by himself.

What kind of girl would be so young and yet so trained in combat? Zeth was sure that Viggo was wrong in dismissing her. This one was not just a play thing, she could just as likely be a threat.

Zeth had stopped the game when the mutant sank its fangs into her. By the time he sent people down to bring her into the hover craft she had lost pretty much all her blood and her body was mutilated by three gaping holes on her left thigh, her back and her upper abdomen.

What Viggo did not know was that he had operated on her himself. In fact he had been sending secret orders to the hospital so that he was the operation surgeon for all victims of hopeless death cases. He enjoyed the challenges and so far, no patient had died on him yet.

Soon, he found himself in the ward of the hospital at floor 436. The girl was still asleep, healing at an amazing rate. This was another thing that bemused him and made her more interesting. Apart form himself, he had not encountered anyone with that fast a healing ability. Yet this wisp of a girl could heal so quickly she was already off the life support system.

As he approached, she seemed to hear his soft foot steps. Eyelashes fluttered open to reveal startling silver eyes. She sat up quickly. Then her face contorted from the pain and she fell back again, clenching her teeth.

Zeth wondered why she did not groan with that immense pain she must have felt. " She's tough." He noted dimly.

Zeth walked up and sat down on the bed next to her. She looked up and managed to say, " Who are you?"

Zeth smiled, his blue eyes twinkled slightly.

" No girl, more importantly, who are you? I'll like to know why your identity is completely absent from the world data base."