He was in my room again. I hadn't meant for him to come up to my room, but he had followed me when I said I had to get something. I didn't mind, but it was a mess right now, and I didn't want anyone seeing.

" 'Landra, what's that?" He asked me, and I straightened up from picking up my purse.

" What?" I asked, checking my back for any stray feathers that had found their way out from under my shirt.

" You've got something under your shirt. I can see it poking out." He said, manuevuring around me, and I slowly turned with him so he couldn't get a clear veiw of my back. " Is that why you always wear the heavy jackets, because you've got something on your back?" He blushed. " Why didn't you ever tell me?"

" Because it's none of your business, that's why." I snapped, feeling foolish about letting my secret be found out so soon.

I was going to tell him eventually, when his human emotions told him that he loved me, that he would accept anything about me. But he had found out, and if I showed him, he might react like Rona had and shy away from me, he might reject me.

I turned to him, sighing. He was waiting for me to say something, he always did know that I was going to say something when I sighed. I dropped my purse and started tugging my shirt over my head. He blushed darker, but didn't stop me. Silly human.

I didn't turn around, I wouldn't risk that again. Instead, I let go of the magic that had kept my wings hidden inside my body, letting them pull themselves out of my back and unfurl around my body. I watched him.

His face went impassive, his mouth a thin line and his eyes were flitting all about me. He shook his head.

" You have got to be kidding." He said, taking a step back.

I shook my head, my hair falling over my bare shoulders. " I'm not an angel, but I've got wings." I tried to make it better for him, to try to make him understand, but he backed off more, reaching for the door.

" No!" I shouted out, putting my hand up as if I was going to grab his hand. " No." I repeated, more quiet. " I don't think I would be able to stand it if someone I loved walked away from me again."

That stopped him. He turned to me with hurt eyes, as if by saying that I had struck something deep inside him. His question was unexpected. He didn't ask me what or who I was, or even where I had come from.

" What happened?"

I sighed and smiled inside, caressing a wing with my hand, putting some feathers back into place with a gentle touch. One came out completely, one of my primaries, the ones that allowed me to adjust tiny movements when I flew. I handed it to him, strangely delighted by the wonderment on his face and the color of his coffee skin next to the unsullied white of the feather.

" I loved another human once. Rona was the prince of an old civilization, long dead now, not even in your human history books. On the day of our wedding, I showed him what I was, my wings." I looked away and wrapped my arms around my stomach, because centuries later, it still hurt to think about it. " I had turned around to show him my wings, and he put his hands on them, as if admiring them, but he wasn't admiring them."

Now I turned around, lifting my wings so that he could see the two large scars under the first set.

" He tore them off."

I turned back around to see that he was standing, and he went to me, sliding hands down my bare arms and holding me close like he had before once. " I'm so sorry." He whispered as he ran his hands over the edges and the insides of my wings, making me shiver with the light touches. He then looked at me.

" You said you loved me." He said, resting his hands under my wings, on the scars.

I looked away. " I might. I don't know how to translate my feelings into human words, it was the best one I could think of." I admitted.

" Is there some way I can make you sure of it?" He asked, teasing the small feathers at the base of my wings and my head swam.

My eyes refocused on my bed, half made in my rush this morning. I licked my lips and watched his eyes follow my tongue across them. " I think I know of something."