I waited so long for him to be sitting there, for him to be somewhere alone with me. For the longest time, all I had thought about was him, and me, and us being together like this. I just wish I could do something about it, that I wasn't so nervous I couldn't move.

" I can't even kiss you anymore." He said, frowning.

" I hate this." I admitted. " Why can't I be older? Why can't you be younger?" I crawled to him on my hands and my knees across the room, using my hands to pull myself up his legs, curling my fingers into the denim of his pants.

" Stop." He whispered, sitting up and putting his hands on my wrists, dwarfing my hands.

I had used to hate it, how he made me feel so delicate and petite. He made me feel like a girl. But now I welcomed it, because I could use it against him.

" Can't you just not care about it?" I asked, putting pleading into my eyes. " Can you just pretend that I'm older?"

He shook his head. " It won't work that way, and you know it."

I shook my head, twisting my wrists so he let go of them and raising myself up onto my knees, putting my face near his. " I'll stop leaving marks on you so no one knows." I said huskily, and I could see the want, the need in his eyes.

" Please." I made it a soft order, and delicately kissed the side of his jaw, biting softly, giving him just this side of teeth.

He shivered under my touch and I smiled to myself as I moved to the soft skin on his earlobe. He groaned softly, and I knew I had him. I let go of him, rising to my feet without the help of him so it looked like there were strings pulling me. I started walking down the hall.

" Where are you going?" He asked, a lost little boy look on his face and it took everything that I had not to run to him and throw my arms around him.

I threw my hair over my shoulder. " I'm going to take a shower." I said, sultry as all get out.

I shut the door behind me and started running the water, waiting until it was warm enough for my taste to disrobe and step in. My hair was wet and had shampoo in it before I heard the door open and I grinned, resisting the temptation to start jumping up and down and going ' Yippee skippee, I did it!' The shower curtain drew back a little, and his head poked around it. He looked at me for a long time before saying anything.

" Please?"

I nodded and held out my hand to him, and he took it.