No Name
Part 1- Act 1

Girl Unknown

I didn't know it then, but I was 15 years old when I woke up and couldn't remember anything. Believe me, it's really disturbing to realize that you don't know yourself. I was pretty beat up, too, but I didn't know that it was a bad thing. I looked myself over with what little light ever existed in... wherever I was. My skin was pale, jeans and shirt tattered in a million places and my black and red hair was tangled and unkempt. My scratches were numerous, everywhere on my body. My right arm hurt really badly too, and I had no idea why.
For a few weeks I survived off of what I was brought. One of the many dogs that wandered around my spot always brought me food whenever he felt like it. In exchange, he took sips from a coffee can I'd placed at the edge of the awning to gather water every time it rained (which was almost every other day). I'd scratch him behind the ears and rub his back before he left, and that was that. Slowly, I began to grow weaker with every day that passed. Now when he came, the dog looked at me with sad eyes. I would smile, and pet him but his eyes stayed the same. I coughed, and I turned away from him. In seconds I'd fallen to sleep, but not a very pleasant one. When I woke up, the dog was standing there looking over me as if he'd never left. Then I noticed a round blue thing that he was holding between his teeth. My palm appeared as my arms and fingers extended out to him. His mouth opened and the ball dropped right into my hand.
Suddenly it began to rain, a common occurrence here. The dog bounded off somewhere, and I was left holding this thing. Off somewhere, I heard a low rumble that grew louder. I'd heard it before, so I didn't pay any attention to it. The little blue thing in my hand was obvious my focus. "What is this?" I wondered. As if they'd already existed somewhere in my subconscious head: = music sphere, Nota =. I had no idea what that meant. The rumble was very strong now, and then it cut off. That's when I got dizzy. My fever had hit me full force, and lots of things went fuzzy. I dropped the bubble and drew my legs up to my chest with my hands and arms.
I head a new sound, rain clanking on something, and my head dropped. Whatever it was, I feared it and prayed it wouldn't come near me. But it did. I had enough courage (what seemed like insanity at the time) to bring my head up just a little. I thought it was an angel! He was dressed in silver, with his white blonde hair neatly pulled back. He held out his hand to me and I took it. When I tried to stand up, I fell right onto him. His arms wrapped around my back, and I felt how warm he was even in the falling rain. I reached up and touched his cheek, and the word surfaced again... = Nota =. I took in a deep breath and leaned even more into him. The last thing I remembered before I thought I'd died was saying what I'd been hearing. "Nota..." my eyes closed, while I barely felt his grip tighten around him.

* * *

Nota Rune
Nota was an elf who'd crossed over into Bordertown from the elflands, or Never-Never. He came for the same reason as most of Bordertown's inhabitants; to escape a past or future they did not like. Nota was born a noble, destined to undergo a pre-arranged marriage and spend his like verbally quarreling with the other nobles in Council. Something he didn't wish upon himself.
When he first came into Bordertown, all Nota had was a pocketful of cash and a poorly painted motorcycle he'd bought off another elf. With some severe luck, he found a place with electricity and running water that didn't charge rent. Nota spent the rest of his first two years as a cook/waiter to improve the poor quality of his apartment. At the restaurant he met and saw so many different people.
Some of them were halfies, humans with animal attributes. A few looked more human, like Shenha, who had tiger-eyes, teeth, and ears. But most of them were like Lobito, who looked more like animals that stood on two legs. Other people were just humans, in all different spectrums. There were also elves, like him all somewhat tall, lanky, and fair. He himself had deep green eyes, his white blonde hair going halfway down his back. Everyday he wore cut-off shorts and a long sleeve shirt with a vest, his hair pulled back in a neat ponytail with a black tie. It was a far cry from what he could've been wearing back home, which is why he did it. At around his third year of living in Bordertown, Nota Rune was offered a new job from one of his friends, a "silversuit" (Bordertown's version of police) who'd been promoted and was now in need of an assistant. Nota agreed and spent months learning how to do his job.
Fast-forward to a few years later, and he's sitting atop his bright red motorcycle with orange ghost-flames. It was the same one he'd bought off the elf, but he's fixed it up and did the paint job himself. He did a very good job with the flames, too. Nota was bored, shifting his weight from side to side while he allowed his train of thought to turn and twist in every direction. He heard a loud bark and jumped about a foot into the air. The elf glanced around, left, right, but he saw no dog. But then he turned in his seat, and sitting by his back wheel was a shaggy white dog. It wagged its tail and barked again, the boy smiled with half interest. It was just a stray, common everywhere in Bordertown.
Nota's watch beeped, he stood up and went inside to find his partner. What he didn't see was the dog sniffing around in his saddlebag. When the elf emerged once again, his partner with him, the dog had fished out Nota'a music sphere and held it in his mouth.
"Hey 'ya little thief, gimme that!" Nota yelled after catching a glint of the sapphire sphere. The dog stood up, tail wagging, and then ran off towards the less populated part of Bordertown. Here, a good number of the buildings that existed before the two worlds merged had collapsed during the border's emergence. Nota glanced at Bolero, his partner, who sighed and got onto his own bike.
"Catch up to him. I'll see 'ya tomorrow." The elf nodded gratefully and sat down on his motorcycle. After putting his helmet on over his hair, he turned the ignition on. Nota rode off where the dog had gone.

Down the deserted streets, raindrops began to fall from the darkening evening sky. Nota frowned and put his head above his eyes, straining to see any signs of the dog. There were none. As he searched desperately for his prized possession, the rain grew heavier. He drove his bike down the streets, peering into the many dark back allies.
"he had to drag me into the Danger Zone," Nota commented, half in annoyance and half jokingly. The so-called "cops" of Bordertown had always called it that, and nobody wanted to serve duty anywhere near it. Nota had reached the end of the street (which did not connect to another) and turned off the bike. Putting down the kickstand, he glanced into the shadowed alley.
There was no sign of the dog anywhere but a familiar glint caught his eye... the sapphire glint of his music sphere. The elf ran down into the shadows, rain pattering on his helmet. When he stopped, Nota saw the most pitiful sight. Holding his music sphere in her tiny hands was a pale, young elf that'd taken a nasty beating.
Her hair was black with stints of red, long and so matted that it made her look wild. The girl's clothes were so tattered they looked as if they were about to fall off, her right arm was swollen and appeared to be broken. Slowly, the boy removed his helmet and placed it on the ground. The elf before him stirred, her head rose so that her silver eyes glared at him through the rain. Nota held out his hand to her, and she took it.
the girl rose to her feet, but immediately fell against him. Why does she have no balance? It's like she can't remember how to walk... He wrapped his arms around her an felt how hot her skin was. She must be sick... really sick... She took in a very deep breath, and very quietly said one word, "Nota...". As Her eyes drifted shut, he stood shocked in the pouring rain.
* * *

Girl Unknown

My eyes came open, but all I saw was back. No colors, no light from the moon or the stars. There were new feelings... I was not on the ground; it was too soft for that. I heard no water dripping down from the aluminum roof, no *ting from the water-holder. I was not where I should be... or was I? This place felt wrong, I knew it was wrong, it's not where I'd fallen asleep. It was not where I had belonged. But, it also felt right. In some odd way, my heart, my mind... that little part of me that told me words that I didn't know... they all said that I should be here. I rolled over onto my left side and swiftly fell back asleep.
Light poured in from every side of me, and the heat caused me to wake. There were so many new sounds and smells. I felt so confused. All I could see, though, was a red piece of hanging cloth. From behind me, I heard light footsteps coming toward me. I followed my instincts and hurriedly shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep.
"Hey! I know you're awake, so quit trying to fool me," someone said. I understood him, I think. I rolled over, my body aching, onto my back. It was then that I saw him again, the boy I thought was an angel. Was he an angel? I didn't remember what an angel really was or looked like, or where the idea even came from. So, finally I decided to forget the whole thing. Now I just gazed at him, the boy standing close. His skin was a cream color, like mine, and he wore a black T-shirt with blue jeans so baggy they could be rolled up into shorts (which they were). What should I say? How should I say it?
"How do you feel?" he asked. I knew what he meant, and how I wanted to reply, but how to do it? Pain The unknown part of me had once again provided an answer. I sued it.
"Pain..." came out of my mouth. I did it! Would it always be this hard?
"Where? Tel me," he said. I paused...
"My arm... my right arm. It hurts a lot. My whole body aches with pain, yet not as much as my arm." He came closer to me, then sat on the edge of my bed.
"Can you sit up?" he asked. I wondered if I could, and then I tried. Slowly my back lifted from the bed, with much pain I managed to lean my back against the covered bedrest. "I suppose I should introduce myself, eh?"
"Introduce?" I asked, pronouncing the word slowly to get out all of the syllables right. I had no clue what the word meant, and my sixth whatever wasn't helping at all.
"Yeah, you know... I tell you my name, you tell me yours and we shake hands," he said. I was confused once more. What's a name? = It's something other people give you, a word that you go by... it sets you apart from everyone else = Now it kicks in...
"Oh, I see..." I mumbled, half in reply to him and to myself.
"Guess I'll start. I'm Nota, Nota Rune," Nota held his hand out to me. Wait... what's my name? Silence. Do I even have one? Did I ever? No reply. What do I tell him?
"I'm..." I couldn't finish what had seemed to come so naturally from Nota. What to say? I froze, began to panic, to worry. Why is my mind so empty? Why? "I... don't know... my name."
"Are you serious?" his face lit with shock. I knew I had said something wrong, something strange to make him do that, but what? I was only saying the truth by admitting that I didn't know my name. I felt my face turn crimson, my eyes watered. Why can't I say anything right?! I closed my eyes, and felt two cold tears fall to the edge of my face and onto the bed. Nota looked at me with sympathy and what seemed like... acceptance.
"I can tell you're not lying... I guess we'll just have to give you a name. At least until you find out your own."
"Okay..." I whispered softly.
"Hmm," Nota began to think to himself aloud, "Atrieles... Atrieles.... what to call you..." As he pondered within his mind, I had already gotten an idea.
"Atrieles... what does it mean?"
"It's elvish for no name. Don't you know that? You are an elf after all..."
"I am?" This must be another one of those concepts I didn't know, or maybe I'd just forgotten... I still wasn't following what Nota had said.
"You don't know your own race? You truly are clueless...Okay, listen up. People who look like me, like you, we're elvish. Characteristics include pale or creamy skin, elongated and narrow body structure, and various impossible human hair and eye colors." Now I understood. I looked at my hands, the skin a perfect cream, the mix of tan and white. My left arm reached behind me and pulled a piece of my hair into view. The lock was two different colors; one level red while the other was black. I was an elf. I had a flash back; I saw things that weren't from the present. What are they? = Memories = Who's? = Your own = I saw a girl, she looked like me. She was me, only smaller. A shadowy figure towered over me, but it felt warmer, like it was good. I knew this person... Wait! These are my memories, memories of my past! The younger me asked innocently: "Why are elves, humans and halfies all here?" The shadow replied in a deep, warm tone.
"We all have our reasons." Confused, she had more on her mind than before.
"What's ours?"
"I'll tell you when you're older...when you can understand...." the voices and the image faded away, and I saw Nota's face in front of me.
"You okay, kid?" he asked in concern.
I smiled and replied "I understand who I am." A crazy look surfaced on his face. I laughed, turning myself towards him. "My name will be Atrieles, perfect for one who has no name."
"Your choice. So, are you hungry?" he questioned. I shook my head, slowly slipping my back down the headrest and flat onto the mattress again.
"Just sleepy..." as my eyes closed, darkness greeted me. I fell asleep instantly.

* * *

Nota Rune
In the next room, Nota picked up his cellphone and dialed the number to the police station. His partner answered. "Hey Gears, it's me, Nota...Yeah, I got it back...I'm not gonna be in for work today...I found this girl, and I'm looking after her. She's pretty beat up...Yeah, send Yura over... she used to be a doctor, right? Yura'll have her feeling better in no time...Thanks..." He hung up, put down the phone and went to finish cooking his breakfast.