The seaweed dances drowsily
As fish flit in and out between
Some fifty leagues out into sea
In wavy waters blue and green
The coral reef, a nesting place
For fish and plants and sea bouquets
Kaleidoscopic safe sea-base
Where star-formed fish come out to play
White waves crash over rugged rocks
As seagulls fly above in throngs
And keeping with their hunting flocks
Where sirens sing their deadly songs
And men who hear the siren's chants
Pursue the path to death's dark jaws
A twisting, ugly, fateful dance
For sirens feed upon men's flaws
Their lilting tunes have such beguile
That men cannot escape the charm
And blind to plots within rock piles
For sirens sooth all their alarm
The deaths of men are swallowed down
Away is swept the mystery
Old wives' tales met with scornful frowns
Now myth, replaced by history
But magic lingers gracefully
So hidden under berg and wave
The music of the crashing sea
For now hides paths that sirens pave
But myth awakens over fact
And sirens soon will roam once more
The sea and land will break their pact
And such will be as was before