An angel not meant for me.

Author's Notes: Another depressing poem from me. I know you all are probably sick of all the angst that I'm shelling out, but I needed to get my feelings out on paper. So I hope you like. Oh yea don't forget to review. I have mob connections ya know. Don't make me use them. (note: Ladybugg knows no actual mobsters so don't send out a hit man on me) TTFN.


You've played a huge part in my life

Of this you know nothing of

You were like a heavenly angel

Sent from up above

You made an impression on heart

Your fingerprints are still there

I tried my best to wash it away

But do you even care

I'm ashamed to tell you this

But you're still on my mind

I need to go outside to look

For another angel to find

Yet who wants a heart

That's been beaten and battered so bad

Who wants to share a heart

With a person that's always sad

See you've ruined me for others

I'm too far-gone anyway

I try to pretend that I have the strength

To finally walk away

But I can't and I'm mad at that

I'm such a fool for you

When it comes to loving you

There's nothing that I wouldn't do

So think of me once or twice

Don't forget what we shared

If memories are all I have left

I'll pretend that you cared