Painting me in kerosene
Keeping the matches close at hand
The whim to light the match
Toss it carelessly at my pants
Watch my pants go up in flames
Sparking my shirt to burn my skin
The clothes slowly singe off my body
My face alit in flames
You're still dousing me with kerosene
Watching the flame get larger
Imitating your hatred
The flames engulf my face
With my last dieing breath I confess my love
And slowly as I fall to the ground
Still burning in hatred
You realize how wrong it was
How stupid you were to do it
How dumb it was to drench me in kerosene
How you laughed at me 'cause I looked like a Christmas tree
All lit up like your house on Christmas Eve
I do not doubt that I hurt you
For that you knew I was sorry
Still you felt like you had to paint me with kerosene
Just so I would feel the same pain that you had
You thought I really meant all those hurtful things I said
At the time I did, but didn't hold on to the thought for long
Now you will suffer
For you killed me by lighting me aflame