The Journey

I wonder where his mind was then
When he used that leather
Was he really there?
Or did he just block it all out, so that it would be like a dream?
It's easier to leave
Easier to fly away
And never come back
Ever again
You'll go to the moon and back
You'll travel around the stars and back
To figure it all out
Thinking that some unknown galaxy has the answers
Never sure how the trip will turn out
Sometimes the twists and turns make you sick
And you want to return
But there's nowhere to go
You're on the journey
The journey of discovery
And you discover the journey
But just when you're on it
Because someday you'll have to come back
There's no way out
You'll face the light of day
You can't hide in the shadows
Facing yourself
Facing your faults
Facing who you are
And what you've done
I wonder if he's still there
Trapped in the journey
Or if he's here now
Seeing that fateful day flash before him
I wonder where time goes when you fly
If the earth stands still without you, waiting patiently for your
Or if they just forget all about you
And all that matters is the deed you've done
Succumb to the "higher" classes
It's something they want you to do
Don't even think about
Staying true to yourself
These words are harsh
But to him they rang true
Told him exactly
What he had to do
But, what about the aftermath?
I wonder if the letters shaped themselves in his head still
Or if he'd been to that galaxy
And finally realized
The damage he had done
There's no way to tell
No presents, no dirty books can change it
There's only that voyage you go on for yourself
And return, ready for what's to come