Such A Heavenly Body
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Friday,March the 19th,when a young
Photographer named Robert Carpenter had arrived at the Karen Young
Modeling Agency to report for work on a phot shoot.
And believe me,shooting photos for Playboy is a hoot--
Even for a photographer who is indded quite so young.

So far,one model after the other,Rob was able
To shoot photos of them without ever dropping a cable.
But that was before he had laid his eyes on
The next model--a Shannen Doherty beauty who has on
Her robe her name--and that name was Alexandra Cable.

And when he looked at Alex and saw that she
Has allowed herself to be given such a heavenly body,
Rob had let out a smile,walked over to her
And suggested that they should have a romantic lunch together.

After she had thought about it,Alex smiled and agreed
To have lunch with Alex at a nearby chinese restaurant.

During their lunch,Alex was able to see how gallant
Rob actually was and and invited him over to her
Place,where they'll be able to have a romantic dinner.

After he accepted her invitation,they both left the restaurant
And walked over to the building,where she was living.

After they've walked into her apartment and into the living
Room,they looked at and kissed each other on the
Lips,before turning off the lights and walked into the
Bedroom,where they enjoyed some more of their erotic loving.