Her Young Lover

By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Timothy Rogan and until now,my wife,Nancy and I have been married and loved each other for seven wonderful years--and during all those years,nothing was able to drive a ridge between us.

But that was until Friday,March the 19th,which was when we were invited to go to a gala ball that was being held at the home of my good friend,Greg Damschroder.

As soon as we had arrived and said 'Hello' to Greg and his wife,Nancy noticed that she had caught the eye of one of Greg's son,Adam's young friends,a fellow Baldwin Wallace student named Jason Grayson,who had walked over to her,while Greg and I were discussing Adam's possible future.

Then,after he had placed his gentle hand on her cheek,Jason had told her that she was as beautiful as one of his favorite TV stars,Andrea Parker.

Now,I don't know why she had done it,but she had allowed herself to kiss Jason on the lips,before she had gone with him to one of the rooms upstairs.

After we had finally finished our discussion,Greg and I had gone to Adam's room to see how to fix it up--and I was shocked to discover Nancy having sex with Jason and yelled that she's now an actual woman.

That's what had made abandon her there in a fit of anger.

After we've gotten a divorce,Nancy's still living with her young lover.