I wish

I wish people looked at it from my point of view.
They should let gays, bisexuals, and lesbians get married.
Maybe one day they'll say if your straight you can't get married.
Back then people who like the same sex,
Weren't even allowed to be noticed.
Now the whole country is opening it out.
He likes him and she likes her.
Why is that a crime.
People think it's wrong to like both sexes but it's not.
It's how you like it and how you feel.
It's not wrong.
I wish people could see what it would be like if you got made fun,
For being straight for a change.
Just think... people making fun of you because you are different.
People saying "Don't go near them, they are different."
I just wish people don't look at me weird.
I wish we could get married....