Reaffirm my fear
And set my veil in place
My vision slightly askew
Has come to focus
I now see what lay before me
I prepare myself to grieve
For there are forces
Beyond the veil that would pry you from my arms
Rip you from my womb and cast me out into the night

Do I fight these wretched phantoms
Pit myself against fate
Do I cry out when they take you
Let the earth share in my plight
What with me an unseen figure
Standing alone in this crowded world
Raising my voice to the heavens
Just to see their souls recoil
Are there angels on those clouds up there
Shedding tears down on me
Or are they phantoms
Sneaking blindly through the stars

Will the world stand up for me
Or will I fall into dark despair
Will I be lift to sit on high
To let my voice hang in the air
Or will my song be one of heartache
Clawing blindly in the night
Will I hold my head up high
Or will I surrender before the fight
When will my fortune seek me
Save me from this cruel world
When will stars shine down on me
shed light on this lonely girly

My brain child has turned against me
All ideas taken too soon
It has starved and began to wither
And I alone shed my tears
Will these salty little droplets
Refresh your shrunken soul
Will those bright young eyes open
Let the world see what you hold

In due time my little angel
For now, we shed no tears
We are safe behind this veil
May love protect you from my fears