Chivalry is dead,
And so is god.

Love is innocent
And suffering is eternal.

Men walk the earth this day
And pay no mind to me
I walk on eggshells to please
The man who smites my soul.

Turn your face
O cruel boy
Your young mind does not need
To be impressed by
My dirtied soul.

Quick, run!
Flee from affliction
Do not fear him!

Quiet, you know not
Of which you speak
You weren't there
The day I died.

God, have you forsaken me?
Silence continues through the hall.
Death to you then

Evangelists approach me at every turn
And cry your praises
How many people must I crush for you to see
That you have no place in me?

Do not enter here!
You are not welcome!
O god of gods
Where were you when I died?

A wise old man once said
That love is meant for all.
But you tell me that love
Is saved for the special.
Who do I listen to?
The wise old man
Who gives all his mind?
Or you, the young heart
Who has captured me?

Love is quiet
Love is kind

I wake, I sleep, I eat, I drink
I wake, I cry, I sleep, I dream
I think of that moment
In my life when all turned
Upside down and you
Watched me die.

To die for love is the greatest thing
To poets and authors alike
Yet in this world dying for love
Is the highest of crimes.
Only the sinful partake.

Only those who are chosen
Can be freed from the pain
Of mortality.

Death comes to all
But chooses its victims.
An untimely death
Is something I pray for.

To be saved from life
And freed unto death
Is a dream in a dream
That shall never be awakened
From its deep slumber.

Live for Life!
Do not despair!
The church bells ring along
To my heart's beating drum

Do not tell me how to feel
Do not tell me how to deal
The pain is great, but it is mine
And you have no say in its reign.

An untimely death
Comes to those least willing
While the suffering dwell on
In this hell of an earth
Where King Lucifer plays
On crying playgrounds.

O Lucifer!
Demon of the sacred!
I cry to thee!
Do not stomp on my heart
And do not tramp on my soul
Pass over me and all I know
And move to a different land.

O Lucifer!
Angel of the Doomed!
Take me now!
Help me leave this place
And never return.

All is quiet
And I am no more
I had my chance
And I have failed.

Chivalry is dead,
And so is god.

Love is innocent
And suffering is eternal

I am gone, lost forever.
I am eternal.