Wee Bit Of Irish Luck

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Saturday,March the 20th that a young photographer named Joshua McShane was taking some snapshots of his ancestral homeland,Ireland and had decided to go to the spot where the legendary Blarney Stone was suppossed to be buried and take some photos there.

Little had he known that a wee bit of Irish luck and a little guy named 'Cupid' just had something else in store for him,for as soon as he had arrived at the site and gotten his camera set up,the look on Joshua's face had changed to that of pure shock,for a mysterious bright light had appeared from out of nowhere and a beautiful woman had stepped out of the light,before it had disappeared behind her.

And then,after he had noticed that she was naked as a jaybird and freezing to death,Joshua had removed his coat and rushed over to the poor lass,in order to cover her up with it.

But then,as soon as he had discovered that she really was a Jeri Ryan type beauty,Joshua had fallen so much in love with her,that he had invited her to go back to his hotel with him,so that she'll be able to get warmed up and enjoy a nice hot meal.

Just then,after she had let out a smile and accepted his invitation,Joshua had taken the mysterious lass back to his hotel,where she had suddenly became awestruck by the room and the wonderous view of the city of Dublin.

Then suddenly,Joshua had walked over to the beautiful stranger,placed his gentle hands on her shoulders and said,"I know what you're thinking.You're thinking that it's one of the most beautiful sights on Earth.Surprisingly enough,you've just happened to be right,for I'm looking at another one of those sights right now."

After she had heard him say that,the wide eyed lass had turned towards Joshua,who had taken a step closer to her and placed his gentle hands on her arms.

And then,after they had looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,Joshua had lifted her up and carried her over to the bed.

Then,after he had removed all of his clothes and placed himself on top of her nude body,both Joshua and his newfound ladylove had began to enjoy their moment of pure and untamed erotica,while the rest of the city of Dublin had gone about with their own business.

Sometime later,after they had finally finished with their wee sexual romp and collasped due to exhaustion,Joshua had looked at his ladylove,placed a gentle hand on her head and asked her what her name was.

Just then,after she had taken a deep breath and snuggled herself up to Joshua,the lass had told him that her name was Jessica Braddock and had orignally came to Ireland to follow up on some reports of increased UFO activity within the Irish countryside,when she had suddenly discovered the same bright light that Joshua had recently spotted.

As it had called to her,a strange force has taken control of her body and she was unable to stop herself from stepping into the light,which--to her shock and amazement--was an actual UFO.

And after the ship's crew had shreded each and every bit of clothing off of Jessica's body,they had placed her on a table and performed some werid medical experiments on her,before returning her to Earth.

After that,she had figured that she was all alone,before she had met Joshua,who had offered to help her.

And so,after he had heard the entire story,Joshua had taken Jessica by the hand and promissed her that she would never be alone again--and in order to make sure that he keeps his promise,Joshua had asked Jessica to marry him.

Of course,her answer was 'Yes',for a year later,both Joshua McShane and Jessica Braddock were married in New York City and lived happily ever after.

As for the UFO that had given poor Jessica nothing,but grief and Joshua a new lady in his life,there are some of the residents of the town of Dublin,Ireland who claimed to have seen it zoom out of Earth's atmosphere,after it had hovered over the spot where the Blarney Stone was actually buried.