Watchin' Time


If you have something to say,

speak now, get your way.

If you wanna see something happen,

be brave, act today.

If you really believe,

ain't no way, no how,

anythin' can stop ya now.

So many things to do before we die,

and I'm so tired of watchin' time

go by.

When I was younger,

I just didn't understand.

Thought I'd be young forever,

that there'd be no end.

But now I know, oh I know,

almost nothing's forever,

wish I'd known it back then.

But I can't lie - no, I can't lie,

time is starting to slip me by...

And I have to watch.


Now I'm older and I'm yearning

for what I used to have, wishin' I could get it back.

I'm still young - still learning

how to stay on the right track.

Wanna believe I've many days to come,

but sometimes it's like the finale has begun.

Thought Fate would lead us right, we'd regain sight,

but then why does the world cry?

Is it 'cause we're watchin' time pass us by?


How many years past?

Far too many.

How many to unfold?

Only time will tell - but it slips by,

it's passin' us by, there - it's passed...

We can't keep up - it moves too fast -


make this moment last.


We're all like birds,

up in the sky,

flyin' so high,

watchin' the clouds ...

of time ...

pass us by.

Wish I could just pause with a sigh, or even be blind,

'cause I can't stand watchin' time ...

slip by.