Sell your soul
- It makes you feel happy!
Buy in on our products
- It'll make you belong!
Nifty capitalist cash-in from the economy
Oh, you'll be despised
- If you're not attractive
Be left out
- If you're not the same
So, c'mon! You don't need a mind
(We'll help you waste it away!)
Just be sure to bring lots of money.
In a fantasy
Ever so whimsical
I danced and pranced upon
Vast merchandise and make-ups
That made me feel more than pleased
Fragrances so lush
And clothing so abundant
So we just said "buy!"
And you agreed.
Hah - Hah - Whoa.
Paint a mustache with acne cream
Shave if off with an electric razor
"Goin' on the Atkins diet
Is a real life-saver!"
Kind of for you, more for us and them
We'll gawk at you with all that you've spent
If we can go so far as to buy all these unnatural beauty products
Can we so far as to cease?
Big breasts, big dicks - that's what the conformity likes
Embodied in the American plastic smile
Just a cheap scam, don't think process
Which embodies the American plastic people