The last survivors of the shipwreck
Sat in the cold wind with their drenched clothes on their bent backs
And there was the old towering lighthouse, standing tall
Sadly it's not functioning at all
Because it was not functioning that is why there was a shipwreck
The old keeper had left it
He found a new job and took it
Now look at it, it's falling to bits
And it brings to the people nothing but misery

The misery closes in on all sides
And oft we will lose sight of the light
But some dark memories, instead of makes it worse
Makes us long for a brand new day on earth
I guess this mystery of what a new day brings
Will make us think of all the bright thoughts
Maybe some fights are worth getting in
Well at least they will teach us one or two things
I know there'll be a light at last
I know there'll be a light at last

And now the sun is shining in the deep blue sky
And its warm faint rays bring joy to all tired eyes
Oh how the sun gives hope to hearts of the survivors
And so the all started to hope that they will soon be found by rescuers
And sent home
They were all chilled to the bones
There in the cold dawn long gone where fears that moved on
To the depths of sea
Let it be
See if you try you will get rid of the misery


So don't be afraid when you're in doubt
The strength you must find does not come from without
You must pass through the rain
So you can clear the clouds
And find your way out


(This is just something I've written to the tune of "The Remedy" by Jason
Mraz, to replace its original lyric. Of course this is terrible compared to
the original but it was fun to write. ^_^)