Black was dressed the family,
And gathered were their friends.
In silence met the neighbors,
'Twas sad to see these ends.
The woeful ones met in a home,
Not church or fun'ral place
But still the tears of sadness,
Ran down the forlorn face
No coffin was there at the house,
Instead, a small pet cage.
No notice in the town paper,
But a highly copied page.
As the sun was setting down,
Flashlights were all passed out.
They all split up and wandered,
As they began to shout:
"Where have you gone? Why did you go?
Our friend you are, so dear.
We are so sad because you're gone,
Only happy when you're here."
And then one man did pull aside,
And beckoned with his head,
The mother, she did come his way,
And then to her he said:
"It's sad to hear your cat got out,
For him I'll gladly seek.
But must there be such cer'mony?
For 'tis the third this week."