Around the year 2100, five friends assembled on Halloween. By the light of the moon, they gathered twigs and logs to start a fire. Carrying one plastic card each, they walked to the nearby graveyard. Dark shadows were cast upon the ground, but such things did not scare these kids.
Each of them took a seat on a tombstone, piled up the wood, and started the fire. Five minutes passed before the fire was a decent size. Grinning, one kid held up his plastic card. He leaned forward and tossed his card into the fire. "I.D. card, burn!" he exclaimed. Joy was in the faces of his friends as they followed his example.
Knowing that the cards were beyond salvation, another kid yelled, "You have haunted our families for a hundred years, but no longer. Liberty is ours! May we never be plagued by your oppressive ways again!"
None of them had paid enough attention to their surroundings to realize the significance of where they were. Of all the gravestones they had to sit on, they had chosen the grave of the former Midpark administrator, Mr. Ruggiero. Perhaps if they had known who was buried there, they would have chosen a different spot and saved themselves from the inevitable horror.
Quietly, the ghost of Mr. Ruggiero rose from the grave, until one of the students finally spotted him. "Run!" the student yelled, and the others obeyed.
"Show me your I.D. card," the ghost said, chasing them. "Take it out and put it on or you will have to go to SMR." Unable to shake the ghost, the students split up. Vehemently they all ran, yet the ghost chased after them all with equal energy. "Where's your I.D. card?" Mr. Ruggiero continued to ask.
X-mas came and went, and the students has yet to find a way to rid themselves of the ghost. Yet, this constant haunting did have one positive effect on their lives. Zillions of students were punished for not having their I.D. cards, but after those students got replacements, their records were absolutely spotless.