Fait Accompli
01: Fate's Accomplice

"You two are so slow!" Vivane scowled from the top of one of the staircases in the Royal Ontario Museum. Her back was to the entrance to the Ancient Civilizations exhibits. She crossed her arms and began tapping her foot.

"You two are, like, so totally slow!" A mocking voice rose up from the stairs below.

"Like, oh my God. You're such a valley girl, Jordan."

"That's rather a paradox, hmm? Taking into consideration that I am, in fact, male and do not live in a valley. My house is on top of a hill." Jordan puzzed, coming up the rest of the stairs.

"They have operations for that, you know." Amanda said helpfully.

"For living on top of hills?" Jordan raised an eyebrow.

"Who needs an operation?" Viviane's annoyance seemed to disappear into a mischievous smirk.

Jordan paled as he nervously laughed. "Have I told either one of you lately how much I love you both, deeply, dearly, devotedly?"

Amanda and Viviane exchanged a glance and both started snickering.

"And besides, you're the one who kept us waiting this morning while you absoloutely had to buy something from the gift shop right before our guided tour by the lovely Elizabeth," Jordan continued, his remark directed at Viviane.

"You just thought the tour guide lady was hot," Amanda poked him in the side. Jordan squealed slightly and shied away from her.

"C'mon, the ring doesn't even fit properly," Viviane linked arms with her friends. "Ancient Egypt googly-moogly awaits."

Mock-Wizard of Oz like, they hurried through the Greco-Roman stuff until they passed under the archway that read 'Egypt'.

"Er, Viv?" Amanda was looking at her friend with a confused look as they walked past the recreation of an Egyptian archeology site. "When did you get black hair?"

Jordan did a double-take. Indeed, Viviane had hair as black as her clunky-heeled shoes. Something that wasn't unnatural on him, yet on Viviane it was quite a new thing.

"I made Michelle Torres and her friend come with me to the costume shop," Viviane giggled.

Amanda rolled her eyes. "You know, it's very bad exploiting the younger children into going with you to strange places in Toronto."

"They wanted to go!" Viviane insisted, trying to act innocent.

It was Jordan's turn to roll his eyes. "So you could buy a black wig and what, try to look like Cleopatra at the Egyptian exhibit?"

Viviane snerked. "Jordan, if I was trying to look like Cleopatra, I would look like Cleopatra."

"Oooh," Amanda said in a jeering tone. "You got told, Sinclair."

"Bite me, Lee."

Amanda adopted a tough-girl look. While she was rather diminuitive in height, the brunette girl certainly could stare anyone down with her patented Look o' Death. The same look she was currently directing at Jordan right now.

"Oh, the horror!" Jordan clutched at his chest, staggering towards the cement model of the interior of a tomb. He proceeded to mock-collapse in it. He looked up at the girls. "I am dying, Horatio."

"Get up, Hamlet," Vivane poked him with the toe of her shoe. Jordan only proceeded to groan as if he was dying and flailed his limbs about a bit.

The small children who had been about to enter the tomb with great enthusiasm paused. They looked at the "dead" Jordan with mingled expressions of fear and surprise on their young faces. Viviane waved at them.

"Oh, come on in, if you don't mind the curse."

"Curse?" A boy with frightfully big blue eyes looked up at one of the adults accompanying the group of twenty or so children.

"O'course," Amanda chimed in, pointing down at Jordan. "You enter into this tomb and BAM!" - several of the small children jumped - "You end up like him. Dead."

There was a varying degree of whimpers from the small children.

"There is no curse," one of the children's supervisors said, an air of authority surrounding her mightily.

However, the small children refused to enter the tomb and quickly moved on.

"You can stop pretending to be dead now." Viviane prodded Jordan once more with her foot.

"Five more minutes, please mom?" Jordan complained, cracking one eye open and rolling on his side.

Amanda was leaning against the wall, snickering heartily. "Did you see the look on that one kid's face? He looked like his eyeballs were going to pop out!"

"You probably scarred him for life," Vivane snickered as well.

"Curse, indeed," Jordan scrambled to his feet. He leaned out of the tomb, gazing critically at the mummy under the glass before him. His expression seemed to light up with a childish glee. "Ooh, mummy toes!"

"Eww!" Amanda made a face that heartily expressed her feelings on mummy toes.

"C'mon, you can even see the toenails!" Jordan was sounding increasingly like a hyper-active teenager. Which, in fact, he was.

Vivane snickered as Amanda was forcibly dragged out of the tomb to look at the Amazing Mummy Toenails.

"That is so gross! Ew! Ew! Ew!"

"Enough of the ew-ing?"

"No! I'll say it again! Ew!"

Jordan snerked. "Once more, with feeling?"

Amanda glowered at him. "Ew."

Viviane was looking around at the insides of the tomb. Concrete replica that it was, it was still amazing. Usually, when she came here on the occasional weekend, the tomb was filled with people. Taking advantage of the emptiness, she knelt down to look at the side of the entrance. She poked at the carved figure of the jackal-headed Anubis. As she did so, the newly purchased replica of a pharonic seal ring on her right ring finger slipped off.

"Dammit," she muttered, reaching for it. She was going to have to get it resized once she got back home.

Then the lights went out.

"SHIT!" Viviane exclaimed, jumping up in the sudden darkness.

"Ow, my hip!" That was Amanda. "Stupid glass casing." Obviously, she had somehow managed to walk into the corner of the mummy-case.

"The mummy didn't like you making fun of his toenails." Jordan remarked.

"You may not be able to see me, but I am still flipping you off," Amanda said in a flat, unimpressed tone.

Cries of surprise and various other reactions had sounded in other sections of the exhibit. Vivane was willing to bet that some of them had been from the group of small children.

"See, this is the second stage of the curse." Jordan said, still damnably cheerful.

"Shouldn't there be emergency lights for this sort of situation?" Viviane called from the tomb, trying desperately to feel for her ring on the floor. Really not easy to find a ring in utter darkness, she thought darkly.

"Attention, Royal Ontario Museum patrons." A flashlight was shining from somewhere. Probably one of the security guards was holding it. "We apologize for the power outage and we regretfully must ask you to vacate the premesis."

"Vivane, hear that?" Jordan asked. "They don't want us running around, wreaking havoc."

"More than likely they don't want anyone making off with their precious artefacts," Amanda's voice was laced heavily with sarcasm.

"Then we must do as Mister Security Man says we should," Jordan said solemly.

"You guys go on ahead," Viviane said, fingers flying over the floor of the pseudo-tomb in the darkness. "My ring slipped off."

"Were you supposed to throw it in Mount Doom?" Jordan quipped. "OW!"

Amanda had managed to clobber him over the head with her purse in the dark.

Viviane smothered a laugh. "No, I don't have to chuck it into a fiery abyss. I just need to find it."

"Wait until the lights come back on," Amanda said.

This suggestion prompted a round of laugher from the three of them.

"Ooh, perhaps this is 2004's answer to the Great Black-out of 2003?" Jordan suggested cheerfully. "OW! Amanda! Stop hitting me with your damn purse!"

"Then stop being such an idiotic imbicile!"

"Bit repetative, that?"

"Excuse me, but you'll have to leave now." The security guard had approached Amanda and Jordan now, his flashlight illuminating them. Jordan was currently trying to cower away from the clobber-happy Amanda.

Amanda began to protest. "But our friend is still in - "

"I'll make sure she meets up with you," the security guard began hustling her and Jordan along.

"But sir, we, er, really need to not leave without her," Jordan's voice was growing fainter as they made their way out of the permadent Egypt exhibit. "She is part of our school group."

Silence eerily descended on the Egypt exhibit in the Royal Ontario Museum.

"Ah-hah!" Viviane cried softly in victory as her fingers closed upon something that was ring-shaped. And, judging from the carvings that her fingers felt as she closed her hand around it, it definetly was her ring.

Now was definetly a good time to leave. Being left alone in a dark, fairly unfamiliar place was not on the list of things Viviane Planned To Do Today. Of course, black-outs made it rather difficult for people to navigate in unfamiliar terrain.

Viviane chewed her lip in the dark, thinking. She didn't really have anything with a light on it - definetly no flashlight, because why would she even think of bringing a flashlight of all things on a school trip? It wasn't as if anyone had informed her there was going to be a black-out today.

She hesitantly took a step forward, arm outstretched. Her fingertips trailed along the wall of the ROM fake tomb and she used that to guide herself out.

Viviane stopped when she heard footsteps. Someone, no, two someones, judging by the uneven clattering of shoes, were hurrying closer to where she was.

A dull fizzing sound started then and almost painfully slowly, the emergency lights began to flick on.

"Well, damn." A male someone spoke, sounding rather peeved. "I thought this place didn't have emergency lights."

"Well, they sure as hell better not have any back-up security system," a second someone, sounding very Irish spoke, sounding greviously annoyed as well. "But I assume that everyone is out of the building now?"

"I'm actually rather surprised that the main power line was so easy to break," the first someone said.

A shrill ringing interuppted them and cause Viviane's heart to leap into her throat. Her pulse definetly speeding up, she slowly inched backward, trying not to make any noise. There were no emergency lights in the tomb, which meant that she could possibly hide there.

"Bugger." The Irish man snapped, cutting off the cellphone ringing. "Niall."

The footsteps started again, closer now. Viviane froze, mere steps away from the somewhat-safety of the tomb. The nearest emergency light was a few feet away and very dull, at that. If she didn't move at all, she would just be able to keep from being seen.

The two men came into view now. The first one was wearing a suit, black with a pale blue dress shirt and a maroon tie. Rather over-dressed for museum-visiting. His hair was black and seemed to be slicked back. He was the one holding the cellphone, the one who had the Irish accent.

"Of course everything went smoothly, sir." Tall, dark and Irish was talking into his phone. "Yes, we will. Good bye." Irish took a handkerchief out of a pocket on his suit jacket and wrapped it around the phone. He scowled at it, his lips rather red against his pale skin. Sunglasses rested over his eyes. Then he chucked it against the wall, the phone heading in the general direction of Viviane.

The smash it made was jarring and caused Viviane to shudder.

The second man chucked as he turned to look at the now shattered cellphone. Irish put his handkerchief back in his pocket. The second man was all but staring straight at her. He was dressed in black cargo pants that were tucked into the tops of combat boots and his shirt was a sleeveless black one, showing the definition of his arm muscles. Enough to be noticable, but not like a body builder's. His skin was bronze, dark in the dim light. His hair was chin-length, sticking out around his face in disarray and had to have been bleached. Either that or he had one hell of a tan.

Viviane gasped slightly when she saw his eyes. They almost seemed to be glowing in the dark. He had slittled pupils and the irises were a brilliant, piercing green. As if that wasn't enough, he had his eyes outlined in heavy kohl, drawing attention to them.

"What was that?" Irish asked suddenly.

Green-eyes cocked his head to one side. "What're you talking about?"

Irish cast a suspicious eye around the Egyptian exhibit, the flood lights barely shining off of the cases holding the mummy and the statuettes. He reached a hand into his pocket and threw something that shone.

Viviane realized it was a knife. A knife that was chucked in the direction of her head. She tried to move out of the way, but was too slow. The blade grazed her cheek, causing her to cry out in pain.

Green-eyes reached into his pocket and took out a flashlight. He flicked it on and shone it directley at Viviane. "Raven hair and ruby lips." He tilted his head to the side. "Do sparks fly from your fingertips?"

Viviane jerked forward, feeling the wig fall off.

"Red hair, then," Green-eyes said, shrugging.

"I thought you said everyone was out of the museum," Irish said, sounding annoyed.

Green-eyes shrugged as Irish looked at Viviane critically. Irish walked forward then, looking very much like a scary, predatory thing.

Then he slammed his hands on either side of her head, his palms connecting with the wall. Viviane closed her eyes as he pressed closer.

"Now, you're going to tell us your name, what you are doing here and exactly what you have heard." The tone of Irish's voice was pleasant. Viviane opened her eyes and saw that the look on his face was dangerous. So she did the only thing she could think of.

She kicked him hard in the shin.

"FUCK!" Irish stumbled backwards, holding his shin. Viviane shoved past him, running at breakneck speed.

Which explained why it hurt so much when Green-eyes grabbed her arm and flung her back against a wall. Her head bounced off of it and began to hurt like anything and everything. The pain was causing little sparks to go off in front of her eyes and she began to feel woozy.

Viviane felt hands on her shoulders, something leaning against her, pushing her back into the wall. She cried out in pain and whatever was pushing stopped. She opened her eyes (she hadn't even noticed when she closed them) and found herself staring into brilliant green eyes. She drew in a shaky breath and noticed that the man's forearm was resting against her neck, holding her in place. He was also keeping her pressed against the wall with his own body.

"Now Miss," Green-eyes looked down at his other hand. Viviane looked down at well and saw that he was holding her wallet. She also noticed that her purse was open. Green-eyes looked back up at her, a rather scary smile on his face. "Miss Ross, you are going to tell my associate and I precisely what you are still doing in this museum."