Yeah, I bet life's hard

With your pretty made up eyes and

Your stupid Sunday shoes.

Boys and clothes and cars

I bet you never had to wash a dish in your life,

Miss Straight-A's.

I'd like to vomit when you smile

That flirty smile

And deck you when you think you know all the

Answers in class.

Oh, because I know you don't.

You think you're pretty when you're


I'd like to shake you until you

Stop thinking that life's your little

Dream and that you're a princess.

You're not.

So shut up.

Don't make me throw this book at you.

Bitch, will you stop talking for


You voice is burrowing into my mind.

God, you're such a dizt.

And that laughter.

I hate being the same species as you.

Hate hate hate.

Why must you wear pink

And act like I owe you something?

I don't.

You're going to end up dead

In a bathtub at some frat party


..We can only hope..

I'm tired of this.

I hope you get stretch marks,


For BeeBee, because I know you're tired of them too.

I don't really like this one. Eh, it makes me laugh and that's all that matters.