I'd Rather

By Selenity Jade ([email protected])
Rating: PG

Different faces
Of the same person
One is cruel
The other indifferent
One hates life
The other struggles through it
One is selfish
The other is selfless...

How can it be so difficult
To find what one is searching for?
It is often my fault
My pain
My tears
That ends the day

You mock me
Scorn me
Hate me
Make me

How hard do I have to try
To turn out so different?
Can I achieve what I hope?
That I won't be as selfish
That you have become

How much harder do I have to try?
To be so different from you?
I don't want to be alone
Any more than you do
But I won't let myself

I'd rather be alone
Than be what you have shown me
You are

I'd rather endure the loneliness
The rest of my life
Then turn out like you

I'd rather spend eternity
Fighting against
Just Like You

I'd rather die

Then hurt those I love
As much as you do

I'd rather be
Someone I can be proud of
One that forgives

I'd rather be alone
I'd rather be shy
I'd rather be tired
I'd rather be silly

I'd rather be content

Then be so hateful

As you have shown me
You can be.

I'd rather reach
For difference

I'd rather be me