I wonder

By: Selenity Jade ([email protected])
Rated: G

I wonder
What if things were different?
What if we didn't part the way we did?
What if we talked instead of hid behind our smiles?

I wonder
Did you really love me?
Did I mean anything to you?
Did you mean those things you said?

I wonder
Do you still think of me, late at night?
Do you wonder what if things were different?
Do you still remember how we were?

I wonder
Am I missed?
Am I apart of you still?
Am I just a fond memory?

I wonder
Do I still miss you?
Do I think of you too often?
Do I still love you?

Yes, I suppose I do.
But wondering never gets me anywhere.
You've moved on
Why can't I?
I wonder


AN: I'm a terrible poet... *shudders* But... I need to write them sometimes. :P Maybe I should just stick to my fics, eh?