Destiny and Life Aren't All That Bad

Author's Note: This is my first fic! I hope you all like it! When I wrote it, it kind of reminded me of MARS and Gilmore Girls.

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG-13 (I don't think I'll actually write something that's rated PG-13, maybe a swear word or two, but other than that, no, or I don't think so………..Anyways, this rating is just a caution)

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Chapter One: Meeting Her

Ryo Kouji Li, an 11th grader, age 17, was sitting on a huge hill, that had the most amazing view of the sunrise and sunset, overlooking the town that he lived in. Sky Dreams was the town he lived in. He always thought that the name was incredibly corny, but it's not like he could change it. As anyone knew, every small town has extremely weird residents, a gossip train, a 'leader' or rather, wanna-be-leader. And of course, living in a small town, everyone knew everyone, and practically everyone had a title. Like a girl he knew, Videl Burns, was titled the Town Princess, and she lives up to it too. She's a complete brat, a spoiled one, she lived with her parents in the mansion of Sky Dreams. He, himself, was titled the Bad Boy of this town, and he knew why. He had this attitude going on, but he didn't care. He had a few friends here, friends that weren't into gossip, friends he was actually grateful to have. Frey Yuan, the Athlete, Jesse Shorts, the Bookstore Owner, and Kenny Carl, the Leader and Lead Guitarist of his band (Kenny's band, not Ryo's), the Small Towns. They were called that because every member of his band was from a different small town. Kenny was from Sky Dreams, obviously, Bryan, the second guitarist, was from Hiroshi, and Kashi, the drummer, was from Brinn (with the long vowel I sound). (A/N: I'm just making all of these names up, they don't actually exist………or at least I think not………) Yep, they were friends he was glad he had. Sure, he wasn't, like, close-close to them, but they were friends, people he could depend on.

Ryo guessed that one of the reasons that the people here called him the Bad Boy was because he has a motorcycle. He wasn't like a professional, but he liked his motorcycle. Often, when he needed time to just get away, he would take his motorcycle to the race track that they had there (yes, they had one, thank God. Though Youji Koshizu, the Wanna-Be-Leader, once tried to get rid of it) and just drive around, going as fast as the motorcycle could carry him. He never thought about the future, mainly because his future looked bleak. He had no parents, his father was shot to death, and his mother was driving drunk, and drove down a ditch. His mother turned into a drunk when his father died. "I have the worst luck………" Another reason the town labeled him the Bad Boy was because girls liked him. He had the look, he had the attitude, so girls were just flinging themselves at his feet. He didn't like it. It bothered him. He never actually did anything to them, he just ignored them. That was what he did. They never interest him, there were no sparks or chemistry, or whatever this town called it. He never felt it. Sometimes, he felt like ice. Always so cold, and emotionless. Soon, he was always like that, emotionless. He moved to this small town around one year ago, and he still didn't call it home. In fact, he called no place on Earth home, it just didn't feel right. Another thing that made him the bad boy was his tendency to skip school, and yet, he'd get straight A's. He skipped the classes, but he was always there for whatever test or quiz, or even pop quiz that popped up. Plus, he would always turn in his homework, more or less on time, usually on time. He made a deal with his teachers, since he already knew all the stuff. They'd give him homework, he'd do it, turn it in, and he wouldn't even get in trouble. They also gave him a list of dates of tests, quizzes, and pop-quizzes. He admitted that it was a bit unfair to the other students, but he didn't care.

Soon, after his mom died, he got into alcohol, and smoking. Pretty soon, he'd just risk his life. He didn't care about it anymore. Sometimes, he'd try committing suicide, but someone was always there to stop him. It was either his uncle, Jonathon Alberts, the Diner man, or one of his friends. By now, he gave up trying to commit suicide. He felt like no one would care if he died, no one would be sad, or cry, and if he had a funeral, no would be there but the reverend.

Things he actually like to do though, was read, listen to music, being on his motorcycle, and just being alone. He hated being around people, he wished they'd just leave him alone, except for maybe one or two, like his friends, and, yes, even his uncle. He lived in the house his uncle owned, but never went in, because Jonathon lived in the upstairs apartment of his diner. So, the house was his. He didn't trash it or anything, he just made it more comfortable for himself to live in. He covered the house with books, there were books in every room, and Cds, now that he thought about it. Two things he actually liked about this town was the library and the bookstore. The library would always have the new books, Cds, videos, no matter what, so would the bookstore (only books though, no Cds, and videos). When he couldn't afford a book, he'd go to the library, or just read it there, for Jesse, didn't mind. Two more things he liked about this town was the CD store and the Video Rental store. They had everything. The CD store had every new CD, from all genres, which he was grateful for. The Video Rental store had every video imaginable. It even had anime, whole series of them too. One spot, or rather, the only spot, he liked about this town was this hill. It was peaceful, no one came here but him, and it was beautiful. He wasn't one for beautiful or cutesy things, but this was an exception. This hill had a beautiful view of the town and the sunrise, sunset, the night, stars, moon, and the sky on a clear day. This was like his place. And for that, he was glad.

He had raven black hair, that goes down to his shoulders (A/N: Like Rei's, in MARS). His extremely dark brown eyes looked almost black, and was almost always gloomy. It reflected his character. He had an exceptionally handsome face, but not like the arrogant kind, the bad boy kind, but he never cares about it. He has a well built body, with well toned muscles and everything, but he didn't look like one of those buff-guys in commercials and cartoons. He worked in his uncle's diner, serving food, cleaning counters, cleaning tables, opening and closing the diner, and even cooking from time to time. It gave him good money, so he was able to buy his books, and mainly books. His uncle knew about the deal his nephew struck with the teachers of the school and the principle, so Jonathon was ok with him skipping school, as long as he kept his grades up, Jonathon was satisfied.

He remembered Jesse telling him something when he told her that no one would care if he died. She said, "Ryo, don't say that. Somewhere out there, there is a person you'll want to cherish, that will love you for you, you've either met her, but didn't realize it yet, or you haven't met her yet. And when you die, her life will just stop." He never really thought about it, he thought that she was just saying it to comfort him, but who knows? She could be right.

Little did he know, that Destiny would make him meet her soon, really soon.


"Ryo, can you please close up for me today? I have to go pick up an order in Cephre, so I'll be gone for the whole afternoon, so you'll have to handle it for the afternoon and you'll have to close up, all right?" asked Jonathon Alberts, looking at his nephew, hopefully. Cephre is the big city closest to Sky Dreams.

"Sure," Ryo replied, shrugging.

"All right, thanks, you'll get paid," Jonathon added.

"Super," Ryo said, with sarcasm present in his voice.

Jonathon sighed, he was already used to the way his nephew acts. He was always so sarcastic and emotionless that it sometimes bothered Jonathon. Jonathon was sometimes tempted to send Ryo to a psychiatric ward or to the hospital, but he knew better. Ryo wouldn't co-operate, and he'd probably annoy the people so much with his smart ass attitude that it made them wish they could be anywhere but there, with Ryo. Add Ryo's cold eyes and glares, and stubbornness, and un-cooperative attitude, it'd probably make the doctors want to go to hell.

"All right, and thanks," Jonathon said.

Ryo just shrugged in response.

Jonathon sighed and got back to work.


Ryo was putting the chairs upside down on the tables, because it was time for the diner to close. He was looking forward to going him. He was tired, his muscles were aching, and his head hurt by the annoying voice of Raphael. "I'm never doing this again," he muttered to himself. Then, he heard the bell ring, and automatically said loudly, "We're closed!"

"Can I just get a donut?" a male voice asked.

"Fine, but I'm charging extra," Ryo said, finally turning around to meet the eyes of a huge burly man, staring at him. His clothes were rugged, and he smelled like alcohol. He'd actually look pretty handsome if he gathered himself together. He had green eyes, and sandy-blonde hair, that Ryo was able to make out from all the dirt on his hair.

"How much extra?" he demanded.

"It'll cost a dollar and twenty-five cents," Ryo said, grabbing a donut from the container.

"Fine, sit there girl!" the man said, throwing the girl aside roughly. It was rough enough that it slammed her onto the ground, it would have caused a concussion if the girl hadn't used her hand to steady herself before landing on the ground, but by doing so, he heard a horrible snap. The girl's face contorted in pain, but she didn't cry, in fact, she didn't make a sound

"Hey, no violence here," Ryo said, in the coldest voice he could muster.

"Oh, sorry," the man said, as if he didn't know that. He yanked the girl up by grabbing her arm, and throwing her onto a chair. "Stay," he growled at her.

The girl winced, by the pain of being thrown onto a metal chair, and the pain of her wrist.

"Here," the man said, slamming the money onto the counter in front of Ryo.

Ryo shoved him the donut and rang up the order. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Why?" he demanded.

"No violence," Ryo replied, in a simple voice.

"Fine." The man stormed away from him and grabbed the girl.

"Leave the girl," Ryo called. He wasn't going to let the man keep treating the girl like that, it wasn't right.

"I'm her guardian," the man retorted.

"Not anymore," a voice said. "Alex Rizuka, you're under arrest."

"What?! What for?!" the man demanded.

"For abusing your daughter heavily, and for stealing priceless jewelry," the voice said. The person who was talking to the man appeared, and it turned out that he was a policeman (obviously…………) He was pointing a gun at him, "If you try anything, I will shoot, you will put the girl down, and you will step away from her. The hospital needs to take a look at her."

Alex threw her down, with as much force as he could, knowing that that would have probably added more to the charges and evidence against him, but he didn't care, he was angry.

The girl hit the floor back first, and then her head. Another snap occurred, one that caused the girl to leak one tear.

"I got her," Ryo said, seeing the shocked look in the policeman's eyes. He went over to the girl picked her up. The girl was struggling, as if she didn't want to be touched by him, and Ryo couldn't blame her. He saw bruises covering her, from the endless abuse her father sent her way, no wonder she didn't want to be touched, and by a guy no less. "I'm not going to hurt you," Ryo said,

The girl didn't do anything, because her face showed pain. She was obviously in much pain, so Ryo laid her on a chair, with her back being cushioned by a pillow.

"You got it Ryo?" asked the policeman.

"Yep, I got it Bakura," Ryo said, making sure she was steady.

"I'm going to ask that you come with me to the police station," Bakura said, eyes flashing in anger, then spat, "I hope you stay there for life and away from this girl."

By now, the girl's face was no longer showing pain. She looked sad, and a few tears leaked out. Ryo was surprised, even though her father treated her horribly, she still cried.

"See ya Shania," Alex said, turning to the girl that was dreadfully injured, before turning his back to her once again.

Shania opened her eyes, just for a moment, then closed them again.

"Let's go," Bakura said, handcuffing him, then leading him out.

Ryo rubbed his eyes, not believing what just happened. "You're safe now," he said softly to Shania.

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